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NO2 Core

NO2 Core:- Consumption of dietary supplements is increasingly popular among athletes and people who simply want to improve their physical fitness. Pre-workout supplements like NO booster are among most sought after but many people have wrong view on them.NO2 Core

Many people confuse NO booster supplements with anabolic steroids, but they are very different.

NO2 Core, a NO booster supplement (main pre-workout ones of market) is released by ANVISA (National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance). That is, it does not present health risks, when consumed in correct way. This supplement increases production of growth hormones and nitric oxide, but are not supply hormones itself.

Anabolic steroids are controlled drugs that can only be sold in pharmacies, with a medical prescription and, most of time, they are injected. There must be a reason for process to be this, is not it? Yes, they are suitable for people who have lost a lot of muscle mass, usually due to some disease. They are also for those who have a deficit in hormone production and not for those who want only a healthy body. To learn more about NO2 Core supplement, keep on reading.

What is actually NO2 Core?

It is natural supplement to boost NO level, ideal for those who are seeking muscle hypertrophy, already rich in amino acids of biological value. To be of excellent quality and have a lower price on market, it has been one of most popular natural amino supplement options. It also helps body to better play some functions, such as transporting substances into blood.

In addition, NO2 Core also functions as an antioxidant, degrading all free radicals through which it passes. One of its most important functions is that it boosts nitric oxide level. For those who practice exercises, it provides amino acids to muscles and also leads to others functions that are responsible for muscle growth.

NO2 Core ingredients

Tip for people who are starting to supplement is: Look for a nutritionist, make an appropriate diet and do not forget exercises. These 3 items are important to a long way with happy ending.

How to use NO2 Core?

It is a combination of three basic amino acids. When this supplement is used correctly, it allows a greater release of growth hormone, nitric oxide and also of testosterone. Body releases a specific amount of hormones around 90 minutes after sleeping. When this happens, it is important that nutrients in NO2 Core are available for results to be potentiated.

Another function is to improve muscle relaxation during sleep, which helps in recovery of muscle cells. At specific concentrations, it assists in gaining lean muscle mass.

It is not necessary to cycle consumption of this supplement. It can be consumed daily, with no problem at all, provided you ingested in right amounts. As already described, its consumption increases release of NO and will not cause any side effects, except when consumed incorrectly. In fact, anything that is consumed in excess, whether food, drink or dietary supplements, can bring harm to body. That is why you must respect indications of use on packaging of products and / or follow strictly indications of doctors or nutritionists.

Important: Do not use NO2 Core immediately before or after consuming foods or supplements with a high concentration of calcium as it interferes with absorption of nutrients.NO2 Core review

NO2 Core helps increase growth hormone production

Growth hormone is known as growth hormone and is very important for growth and development of body since early years of life.

This hormone is naturally produced by body through pituitary gland. It is responsible for increasing protein synthesis and assisting in process of muscle recovery and muscle building. Main way to stimulate production of growth hormone is through training. By working intensely, body releases a greater amount of GH, which will result in better gains in muscle mass. Consumption of NO2 Core also helps in increasing production of hormone.

For those who want to increase NO level and hormone release, rest is crucial. It is sleep time when there is greater release. As time goes by, production of GH decreases in body, in which case its supplementation may help.

While this supplement will increase production of growth hormone, it will increase release of NO, making use of this product is better. Ideal is to consume it before bedtime as it is after sleep that body begins to growth hormone release.

Functions of NO2 Core in body

Nitric oxide applied to muscle training helps to decrease rate of fatigue that is generated after intense training. There are multiple benefits that can be obtained from this supplement, it is important to know them and make most of it.

NO2 Core is an important vasodilator, which is produced by production of L-arginine. On other hand, it is essential in process of arterial regulation. Main and most important functions of this NO booster supplement in body are following:

  • Vascular tone modulation: Nitric oxide (NO) can be produced by virtually any cell in heart, and acts as a regulator of cardiac function. It exerts a direct function on cardiomyocytes (myocardial cells capable of contracting individually).
  • Central and peripheral neurotransmission: Neurotransmitters are responsible for producing immediate response of sensitive signals of nervous system. Nitric oxide synthesizes almost instantly as needed and diffuses in turn out of pre-synaptic terminals. All this is a matter of seconds.
  • Stimulates immune system: By producing this supplement, you can help prevent proliferation of fungi, bacteria and parasites in body.
  • Regulation of sleep

Benefits of using NO2 Core supplement

Already knowing its main functions in organism, we fully enter to its benefits like supplement. These advantages can only be obtained through physical training and proper consumption of NO2 Core.

Reduction of fatigue levels during training days – Fatigue is a factor that limits any physical activity, in this case training. Fatigue manifests as a strong muscular ardor. Practically forces affected to stop training. This fatigue is due to lack of muscle oxygenation. It can be significantly reduced with adequate intake of nitric oxide supplements.

Increased resistance – It is believed that this supplement is designed for bodybuilders. This error has been denied on countless occasions. It has been determined that NO2 Core consumption helps endurance athlete as well.

This is because when you train long days and works to run to very high heights. Body begins to warm up and body does everything possible to cool and keep it at a cool temperature (thanks to sweat). With better blood flow this task can be less complicated.

Optimum use of glucose – You can have an advantage when burning body fat, with proper consumption of nitric oxide, and what has been shown that you can take glucose to muscle system more quickly.

Muscle congestion – Muscle congestion is about bulging or swelling of muscles just after training. Taking this supplement with nitric oxide, this inflammation will be 50% bulging and lasting. This happens as a consequence of optimal blood flow that this molecule generates.

This advantage is very stimulating at visual level for those who have just finished an intense day of heavy training. They notice how their muscles are bulging and flashy.

Significant increase in resilience – When you train to gain muscle mass, you usually need a high recovery time because you train with a lot of weight. It is necessary to wait for ruptured tissue to heal, thus generating muscle production.

People, who train hard, know that this recovery process can be very painful and sometimes slow. But if you make sure that necessary nutrients reach muscle tissues, this process can be faster. This is because optimum and effective blood flow can improve with NO consumption. If you recover faster, you can re-train that muscle group in less time and without risk of injury.

How NO2 Core helps to increase muscle mass?

There are several factors that contribute to increase of muscle mass. First, there must be a commitment on part of athlete to maintain a regular workout. Otherwise minimum of desired results will not be obtained. Their routines should include proper healthy eating, mostly aimed at consuming natural proteins and carbohydrates. It should be distributed in about 6 or 7 meals throughout day, which help metabolize fats and strengthen muscle fibers.

And this supplement first is vital requirement to obtain sculpted and dreamed body. Experts agree that it is also necessary to incorporate quality supplementation that provides extra active components. While foods contribute a lot of nutrients, they are sometimes not fully assimilated.

During each weight-lifting session, muscles are exposed to what is known as muscle hypertrophy. It consists of a level of damage that muscles suffer when trying to lift weights a little beyond their usual capacity.

When resting, muscle fibers are repaired and strengthened, increasing their volume and forming more fibers. This is what happens during what is known as recovery. And to be more effective this recovery should be as fast as possible. That is why you need help of a supplement with virtues necessary to gain muscle. And NO2 Core is presented as a complete alternative to achieve this goal.

Is there any side effect of NO2 Core?

Use of this supplement, when in excess, unbalances natural NO production of body. Since, body has a clever system to maintain hormonal rates stabilized. If person stimulates production of a certain hormone, it is added to what is already produced. So, organism understands that there is a deregulation in natural process and tries to balance, producing more to balance.

In men, a common consequence is appearance of female characteristics such as enlargement of breasts, sexual impotence, reduction of testicles and infertility. Women may also consume NO2 Core, but it exacerbated consumption can some side effects. These are voice thicker, increase amount of hair, hair loss and deregulation of menstruation and of course, body becomes more masculinized. Before consuming a pre-workout supplement, consult a doctor to avoid any of these problems.

It is worth remembering that this supplement does not make a miracle. Most people think that gaining muscle mass is easy and fast, but it is not. Exercise and proper nutrition for goal are important. Once again, we inform you that consumption of any food supplement should be followed by a doctor or nutritionist.

Testimonial of NO2 Core

“I am currently on a diet focused on gaining weight, I am in fifth month and I managed to gain 4kg in that period, from 78kg to 82kg with 1.79m in height. I used NO2 Core for 2 months and results stayed on same growing, sure enough it suited my nutrition needs very well.

I use NO2 Core always after workout; it is rapidly absorbed by body. So it becomes very useful when body is in need of a greater supply of protein, which is soon after training. I used one time in morning and other time before sleeping.”

“For some months, I was facing an unexpected decrease in my exercises performance in a short. At whatever time I start doing workout in fitness center; I felt too exhausted to complete my full workout routine. Even, on certain occasions, I had to leave workout early. That was the time when I took the first step to look online for something amazing to support me further and help in doing full workouts. After that, I met NO2 Core. This remarkable supplement supported me a lot to get my workout in line again. I felt my body full of vigor during and after workout in gym. Testosterone level got boosted and it helped me getting growth that I never felt before. I even, in certain cases, felt myself doing workout late without getting exhausted!”NO2 Core side effects

Where to buy NO2 Core safely?

There are several Sites where you can buy NO2 Core, but only one that contains money back guarantee is Official Site. Needless to say, this is place we recommend you buy product to avoid scams and frauds. By purchasing at this site you will be sure that it arrives in your home , so please do not invent!

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