Testo Boost XS

Testo Boost XS Review: You are doing your part in training and eating. But still, why you cannot get favorable muscle gain? Testo Boost XS is option for those looking for bigger, more defined muscles, plus a cracked abdomen. That is, a body healed and attractive, those that do not go unnoticed.

Achieving a look that awakens our eyes does not only depend on hours we spend in gym practicing activities with weights. Fortunately, there are products capable of giving an up on muscle development. And Testo Boost XS is most advanced one today.

Ideal formula has all balanced and healthy ingredients, offering all nutrients to ensure both wellness and recovery of muscles. When we work every day, but diet does not correspond to physical needs, we can compromise health and hypertrophy.

Problem is that we do not always eat what we need to eat. Restless routine often disturbs our quality of life and goals in relation to body. Not to mention stress, capable of ruining our physiological processes and, therefore, absorption of nutrients.

Faced with all this, question is: how, then, achieve muscle growth, definition and a stronger appearance?

What is Testo Boost XS?

It is an essential amino acid supplement and it has vasodilatory effect on our body. Many people are looking to increase their muscle mass, one of its main functions is to be a strong energizer in our body through different mechanisms.

These amino acids when come in contact, body secretes oxide enzyme that is change to nitric oxide. It is therefore a direct generator of body vasodilator nitric oxide which has several functions, improving blood circulation and increasing risk of all parts of body.

This increase in blood flow is important because muscles receive more oxygen. It leads to a greater amount of energy since it is obtained through burning of oxygen and fat. This process will provide greater strength and stamina for our muscles to be ready to tackle any physical effort in perfect condition.

Testo Boost XS has other beneficial functions for our body, because with better blood flow also contributes to better healing of wounds and injuries. It also helps to eliminate excess ammonia from body which can be toxic and harmful to health. Along with this, we must emphasize stimulus exerted on functions of body’s immune system.

Testo Boost XS causes muscular hypertrophy

It helps increase body as a result of increase of volume and amount of cells. Increase of size of muscular fiber occurs through stimuli in response to this supplement and training that you perform in bodybuilding. Your body also need to recover from “muscle stress” it suffered, Testo Boost XS increases size of his muscle fiber in order to withstand more stimuli given to him.

One of great hormones that stimulate muscle hypertrophy is testosterone. Since, through this supplement, men have a much easier and faster way of developing hypertrophy of their muscles.

Women are often even more dedicated than many men out there. And they can also get muscle hypertrophy with intense training and a lot of dedication. Along they also need to be careful of food for muscle hypertrophy, rich in proteins, carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins and minerals.

Another tips is to that, you should not use this supplement as a “remedy”. Together with an intense and short training, do not spend hours and hours in gym, otherwise opposite of muscle hypertrophy may start. So, supplementation + correct nutrition + intense training + rest are what will generate muscle hypertrophy.

Testo Boost XS increases protein synthesis

To maximize anabolism or muscle hypertrophy, we should take this supplement regularly, train with weights, rest as much as possible and eat adequate amounts of protein. Do not restrict dietary fats, and eat carbohydrates several times per day.

Taking Testo Boost XS without carbohydrates further stimulates protein synthesis after exercise, thus increasing muscle gain. It is also recommended to consume 1g of carbohydrate per pound of body weight immediately after exercise. After 1 hour, it results in increased testosterone level. So, you preserve muscle proteins and increases rate of protein synthesis to increase musculature.

Utilizing Testo Boost XS supplement, muscle hypertrophy is higher, recommendation is to take it before 1 hour exercises. This is ideal situation for muscle growth or muscle hypertrophy. It may be worth remembering that in two hours after exercise, supplementation intake is particularly important due to metabolic facilitation for protein synthesis.

Testo Boost XS helps recover muscles faster

Muscle hypertrophy occurs because of micro-injuries in muscle fibers. Due to efforts generated in these fibers, which generates an “inflammation” of these tissues. As a result, body is forced to respond compensating with replacement of damaged tissues.

With help of Testo Boost XS, body can restore damaged muscle tissues, so it is crucial to consume it daily and in right amount without exaggeration. In this case body will receive signal that it needs to get stronger and therefore grow more.

How to take Testo Boost XS?

It is a product that should be used only a help for muscle gain. It should not be replaced with a balanced diet and exercise, taken improperly could have serious effects on body.

Recommended use of this product is to take two capsules per day. However, it is essential to follow instructions on product label provided by manufacturer, consume before meals.

Recommended use time of Testo Boost XS is through cycles, you can start with use of eight weeks followed by a minimum rest period of four weeks. It is not wise to go beyond two pills per day. Do not take before bedtime. And taking this product should be together with a balanced diet and exercise.

Side effects and contraindications of Testo Boost XS

Use of this supplement is considered safe when taken orally, properly and in short term. However, caution is advised in patients suffering from allergy or asthma, cases of herpes, hypertension, and recent heart attack or if you are using other medication.

High doses of Testo Boost XS can worsen condition of people suffering from stomach ulcers and heartburn, as well as alter levels of potassium and other electrolytes in body.

Intake of this product can produce any of following side effects: bloating, abdominal pain and indigestion.

Where to order Testo Boost XS?

Everybody wants big and strong muscles. Don’t you also? Don’t wait anymore and order Testo Boost XS from is official site.

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