PRIMAL SHRED: Are you seeking to achieve better results when have weight and diet? Do you seek to combine best food and supplement into their routine? In pharmaceutical scenario there are several supplements which help improve performance in training and bring better results.

One of key supplement used “safe” way is PRIMAL SHRED, which has several benefits such as increasing nitric oxide, delaying aging and enhance increase in muscle mass, increase libido and gives rise to other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.

PRIMAL SHRED is a powerful vasodilator composed of Alanine and Arginine that acts as a kind of precursor of Nitric Oxide. This supplement acts to improve vasodilatation, increasing oxygenation of muscles, giving more strength and energy during physical activity, as well as significantly reducing post-workout fatigue.

How to take PRIMAL SHRED?

No matter you take PRIMAL SHRED with liquid, only in powder form, or capsules effect is exactly same. number of times a day will depend on how much you will ingest. Up to 2 pills can be taken at once.

When you take this supplement, you will hardly have deficiency of essential amino acids in body, and you have better muscle mass. Any time you ingest it, it will do good for you. Right time to take PRIMAL SHRED is very important, especially for those who want to have best result. There is a serious stream of studies willing to understand correct time that supplements work in body.

Until recently there was no study on correct time to take this supplement, but now it is now possible to determine what results of ingestion before and after training.

Before Training – Explanation to take it before training is simple: More contents equal more nitric oxide production that means more energy. More energy, More weight you can carry. More weight equals more muscles. Tempting, right?

Post Training – Argument for taking it post workout is that as you “spoil” your muscles during training, it will have a great field to be absorbed by them.

Research about PRIMAL SHRED usage

Taking PRIMAL SHRED in post workout was widespread in past because of a study published in “Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition”, in this study, 19 bodybuilders with similar diet took this supplement and were instructed to take it for a week. They were divided into two groups, one that administered it in pre workout and one that took in post workout. Their series was equal and focused on hypertrophy.

Results showed that taking PRIMAL SHRED after training gives you more muscle mass and strength. So far mechanisms that make this amino acid chain to be better absorbed at this time are not known. Still speaking of this study, short time and small amount of substance makes study inaccurate.

PRIMAL SHRED ingredients

How much to take PRIMAL SHRED?

There is a consensus that one should take 2 to 3 capsules per day. In first 5 or 7 days you can charge your cells with a little more, more than that your body will not absorb.

How PRIMAL SHRED increase nitric oxide level?

Yes! PRIMAL SHRED delivers what it promises, Increase in nitric oxide level. Its main components, amino acids, act by dilating your arteries, causing muscles to receive more nutrients and oxygen during labor force. Result is bulging veins (which seems more muscle definition), more strength, energy, mood and famous effect pump due to increase in nitric oxide level.

Pumping effect is increase in volume during training is known by Americans bodybuilders as “Pump Effect.” Pump means to pump, but in a good way, do not pump it using anabolic steroids, common jargon in academies. This pump is description of increase in blood flow that is pumped into muscles during strength training.

PRIMAL SHRED – A mother supplement

PRIMAL SHRED is also considered as mother supplement, for fact cited above, where it gives rise to other important hormones linked to improved performance, muscle mass, strength and endurance, as well as improving sexual activity.

This hormone is produced in adrenal glands from cholesterol and can be found circulating through body in aqueous form and can be measured through a saliva test. What makes it so desired by bodybuilders is fact that it is almost a direct precursor to nitric oxide and testosterone, which is responsible for increase in muscle mass.

Nitric oxide is one of body’s most important substance and aids in improving bone density, sexual performance, slows aging, provides increased strength and muscle mass, not to mention that it improves red blood cell production and affects burning metabolism of fat.


It should be consumed one hour before training. Taking PRIMAL SHRED in free days is also recommended, since it maintains good oxygenation of muscle and better nutrients absorption consumed during day by diet and or supplementation. This supplement can be taken with others like those of category pre-workout etc. Key effects are:

On days when there is no training, it is important to continue making use of PRIMAL SHRED because vasodilation helps in transporting nutrients ingested through food and supplementation. For example, some people take Whey Protein and body only absorbs 20% of nutrients. PRIMAL SHRED creates a bioavailability of up to 85% of nutrients. That is, taking it on days when you do not train, you will optimize this absorption, and result is greater muscle mass in a short time and less fatigue in days “off”.

Where to buy PRIMAL SHRED?

Visit official site and know about its actual price. You can order it at its official site to get original and safe product.

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