Monster Muscle X

So far, there are many supplements that were either used pre-workout protein or specific complement to your post-workout recovery. Now sand the little elsewhere. For further review, we have prepared a really interesting mixture of amino acids that can say goodbye to standard and proven ago BCAA and complex amino acids. There’s a review pre- and during-workout supplement. Again, I offer you my subjective view of the product and the experience that I had with it had the opportunity to experience.

Monster Muscle X

Loose amino acids are a lot on our market for quite a long time, in various embodiments, but always with one common factor. The main component is the BCAA. From the moment of the game and there put two large US manufacturers of food supplements, raced carousel shopping, and amino acids in the powder came to the forefront and among the general public. Today can be called as FMCG goods and has even regular used by athletes in gyms found their magic and use them in abundance.

Monster Muscle X has the market

Monster Muscle X was given to our market about a year ago. To be honest, from the beginning, I too believe that this would supplement made some dizzying hole in the world. However, recent experience shows that athletes have already found their way to this supplement and it will in the future be used widely. Perhaps this is the reason, as well as frequently asked questions from our readers why we offer you a review of Monster Muscle X. In our test, we used small packages, which are calibrated value of around 2 capsules per day, however and it already has quite a decent portion of the amino acids that inspires not only bodybuilders before competitions.

To be honest, my first impressions were not bad, although I was very skeptical initially from similar supplements. At that time I had already tried Monster Muscle X, a true competitive product. The product itself will tell us much about composition. Monster Muscle X is often characterized by innovative “widgets” and interesting to their predecessors and competitors in their products do not use. This will be so even Monster Muscle X? Let’s also explain a glimpse of the back of the pack.

Monster Muscle X increases protein synthesis

It is not only ideal to dieting, but also when trying to maximize the growth of muscle mass. Monster Muscle X is responsible for the amino acid leucine, which is a principal involved in protein synthesis. Leucine helps more than classical protein AC preparation, due to the fact that not only increases the protein synthesis itself, but also stimulates muscle cells to have a higher capacity for synthesis.

In the case of efforts to increase lean muscle mass, it is expected that you will not do much aerobic work, but still big muscles. Therefore, it appears there will be no such rapid breakdown of muscle mass, but even so, Monster Muscle X ensures positive change for all three amino acids. Thus, there is higher total income than processing during physical activity and normal daily activities. If you want to work on making you grow muscle mass, step up a dose of 2 capsules per day

Stopping the catabolism of muscle mass and support anabolic functions is not the only thing you are interested in, Monster Muscle X also have other very positive effects that you can use in your training. It has branched-chain amino acids may help more intensive training.

Monster Muscle X

Monster Muscle X is rich with BCAA

During the training serotonin levels rise and you may subjectively perceived fatigue intensely, which of course means shortening training time or the end of the workout. Thus, the lower the level of serotonin during training, it’s better for your strength.

Monster Muscle X is high in amount of BCAA. Yes, the whey protein is very rich in branched chain amino acids and can therefore contain up to 25%. Many uninformed skeptics, therefore, are talking about the more BCAAs than protein AC supplement needs. Not so, you must realize that the protein selectrical supply of BCAA is bound form, not free (unless the protein directly enriched). Although whey protein is rapidly digestible, so the speed of absorption of amino acids from it not equal to absorption of free amino acids. So, if you in terms of speed, in the case of branched-chain amino certainly goes, use of free amino acids.

If we summarize everything, we know that Monster Muscle X is an ideal complement in terms of protein synthesis, muscle mass protection and its regeneration. Help conserve muscle glycogen while acting in terms of the possibilities for more intensive training. Do not hesitate and use Monster Muscle X, especially in the period before and after exercise, or upon awakening.

Price and package

One pack contains 60 capsules and is offered for $87.63.


A detailed analysis of Monster Muscle X composition

In order to more insight into the composition I’ll write to you right from the beginning the base of the active substance so as to gradually reveal their function in the product. Basic active substance: Instant mix BCAA 3: 1: 2, Ecdysterone & ATP Fueler (L-alanine, L-glycine, DL-malate citrulline 2:01, L-carnitine, Coenzyme Q-10) Amino Hydrate System (L-Taurine, powder coconut water (Cocus nucifera) extract from the root beets and other plant extracts. You were not wrong at home gym with Monster Muscle X. One dose is equal to more than 14 g of which 10 g of whole falls into amino acids. Branched amino acids of this volume occupy only 30%. And this is quite a decent portion.

Instant mix BCAA 3: 1: 2 – let’s start with what we have from time immemorial supplementary nutrition known and it is time-tested. It is the branched-chain amino acids BCAA, three amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine. They are an essential supplement for muscle mass protection, preventing its devastation, support regeneration and prevent high muscle soreness during and after exercise. If we try to forget that this is a free-flowing product and imperfection mixing process quite successfully greases this ratio, we can say that according to studies reported in scientific literatures on the use of individual amino acids during athletic performance, it may be almost physiologically required ratio.

Monster Muscle X energizes the body during exercise

Cellular Energy & ATP Fueler – the purpose of this blend is quite clear. Monster Muscle X energizes the body during physical exercise. The first amino acid is glycine. Here I only remarked a small mistake in the label or perhaps move to a better name L-forms. The amino acid glycine is the only polarized light can thus be divided into L and D form. But this is just a little puny. Glycine is a neurotransmitter, thus helping the proper functioning of the nervous system. It is also an essential component of collagen. L-Alanine is an amino acid occurring most frequently in a normal diet. It affects the growth of muscle mass, as well as ammonia washing away of muscles. According to recent studies, however, there is a correlation between high levels of alanine and the development of high blood pressure. Citrulline malate is a known component mixtures. The organism is transformed to arginine, has a vasodilating function in the body and stimulates circulation muscles. L-carnitine is an essential fatty mobilizer. Monster Muscle X directs the flow of fatty acids through cell membrane. The cells are then fatty acids used as energy source. The last component of the energy mix is coenzyme Q10. A substance similar to vitamin and plays an important role in energy metabolism. It can say that this is a small elixir of youth. Koenzmy Q10 is also a very strong antioxidant, therefore destroys the free radicals that are involved in cellular aging.

The last group of substances is Amino Hydrate System. To be honest, I had a lot of search to all substances that are contained herein, they are completely perfect. The first ingredient is a well known taurine. A substance that is commonly used as a stimulant is represented here for their ability to promote proper hydration and maintain the correct ratio of minerals of substances in the muscle cell. Another very essential ingredient is coconut powder. Though I tried to find the real justification for why to be coconut powder contained in the product and that its inclusion stands on real scientific basis outcome. I shall, however, be based on the manufacturer label, which indicates that the coconut powder contains a high dose of mineral matter and also its osmolality similar to blood plasma. This helps to rehydrate the body properly. The last compound covers the extract of sweet beet containing betaine. Betaine is included in various metabolic processes. It assists cells and tissues from lack of moisture and osmotic deactivation and enables energy savings necessary to maintain the balance of water and ions. Betaine adds a methyl group to the blend of several essential metabolic products for instance phospholipid, creatine and carnitine.

Monster Muscle X again enriched supplementation industry

Overall, for me Monster Muscle X looks quite interesting impression and I am glad that it again enriched supplementation industry, to which we turn quite accustomed.

Now we transfer our traditional evaluation. I had the opportunity to try a variety of amino acid products, just as I had the chance to try Monster Muscle X. Solubility was almost without problems. Which surprised me even when alone BCAA. Loose amino acids produce only small sediment that settles on the walls of glass, and overall, we can say that this is one of the most soluble products which had the opportunity to try in my training practice. The damaging property of amino acids is their water-repellent in the aquatic environment, so this feature is difficult to evaluate anyway Monster Muscle X of this comes fairly well. If you leave the amino acid solution settle, most of the active ingredient settle on the bottom of the glass.

In the review we take into account the scientific assumptions and theories not proven studies, because then we could objectively extol the only creatine monohydrate. The composition is quite clear on what not to do and if we evaluated, so we can say that this supplement can be very effective and can have a really good benefit for strength athletes.


Another variable that we always interested in reviews is the absorption. After pouring the powder into a shaker and its efforts to dissolve it, creates creatine AC sediment and floating in the fluid next remnants of creatine with which still succumb to Earth’s gravity. Solubility is one word wrong, but we will deliver the second word that we have nothing else could wait. For Monster Muscle X, it could not be a problem with some poor digestibility. If you do not suffer to stomach acidity and flavor hard completely, you will not have any problem and digestibility will also hassle you. In addition, creatine in the higher forms should ease the burden digestive tract.

Now we come to the other side seriously, and for us the most decisive. I admit, I did not test as much time as I needed objectively. However, I had enough time to adequately examine the effect of Monster Muscle X and felt wearing its influence. Already from the beginning of the review, I wrote that measurable for me and used the weight training load.

If you look at weight gain during a week of use, it could say that 1.5 kg can be attributed to efficiency with Monster Muscle X. The muscles always respond quite well to creatine, and this for me is the very proof that the product has its place in supplementation plan for athletes. Since creatine for higher forms often I do not expect such an effect, but this product surprised me. It is true that I was bathed with water more than I myself expected, but, as I once said fluid in the cell area is not at all a bad thing, quite the contrary. Creatine and fluid retention in the cell belong together. The truth is that I have enjoyed Monster Muscle X not only daily, but two times in doses of one capsule.

Monster Muscle X

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