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Max Antler Pro

Learn more details about the Max Antler Pro supplement, a supplement that can help in your recovery and mass. Know your benefits, how to use.

Some dietary supplements are well known by bodybuilders, for example, BCAAs, protein powders, the calorie or vitamin and or mineral supplements. However, there supplements which are poorly understood among those practicing sports, but showing both scientifically highly effective in increasing muscle mass , for reducing the body fat and even the prevention of muscle catabolism. Among these supplements, one that has been most studied is the Max Antler Pro.

Max Antler Pro

But what means Max Antler Pro? How can it help a bodybuilding practitioner? Has it side effects? And what are your main ways to use? These and other questions will be answered in the course of the article, so you can learn more about this supplement, you can use it and get your best results.

What is Max Antler Pro?

It includes Deer Antler Velvet, an essential ingredient for the human body and constituting the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). It is synthesized by the human body naturally, but can also be achieved via supplementation as the body produces small amounts.

As is known, Deer Antler Velvet has great influence on the main route of anabolic synthesis and / or protein of the body, involving processes related to mTOR. After conversion of Deer Antler Velvet in KIC (ketoisocaproate), then it means that there leads to this supplement in the human body has the sparing action of amino acids, thus preventing muscle catabolism.

Being of utmost importance in the natural metabolism of the body to prevent protein degradation, we can consider it as essential signaling muscle anabolism, resulting in aspects of protein synthesis optimized.

Why use Max Antler Pro in sports?

We all know that protein synthesis for a sportsman, be it what mode is, Max Antler Pro is essential to promote aspects such as the increase and / or muscle mass maintenance, reduced body fat, increased recovery rate of the numerous body tissues, decrease fatigue, increased performance training, optimization of production and hormone secretion, etc. Basically, all humans depend directly or indirectly on protein synthesis, so that it can be said that the protein turnover is what keeps life.

Max Antler Pro is used in sports in order to increase rates of protein synthesis and muscle maintenance in that saves protein degradation, either in periods of energy deficit or not (to a greater tendency to periods and energy deficit).

When in the offseason, it is used to increase protein synthesis and optimize it and decrease muscle breakdown due to the training, which is extremely intense. In the cutting period, it is even more essential, because we know that carbohydrates have the sparing effect of proteins, i.e. through carbohydrates, there is less protein degradation. Thus, the Max Antler Pro acts in preventing you from losing muscle during cutting. Avoiding wasting muscles, including, you keep your metabolism always active and can also lose fat faster, effective and healthy, because we know that muscle tissue is essential for human life and for sports performance too.

How Max Antler Pro works?

It was placed on the market in the mid-80s, focusing on the target audience for example weight lifters and sportsmen. Max Antler Pro is a supplement which aims to nurture the unique and proper way these athletes before and after physical activity with nutrients that are not always extracted from conventional food. In addition, it aims to increase focus and concentration during training.

Aiming micronutrient needs, Max Antler Pro aims to provide essential cofactors for numerous biochemical processes in the body . These nutrients were calculated and are provided in the general dose required to optimize practice sports and strength because both the intensity and the frequency of your workouts tend to be higher than normal people. Thus, these practitioners of sports need more nutrients and more specific nutrients.

With the use of some other compounds, Max Antler Pro aims to increase the power, but can not be considered a stimulant, such as pre-training. It uses much less intensive mechanisms, but as effective. And it’s hard to explain exactly how this happens, because according to the supplement users report, only those who use for a long time, it is that really can feel the differences and physical and mental advances that the product brings.

Max Antler Pro – Better performance and better recovery

Some studies can demonstrate approximately 7% increase in strength in individuals with the use of Max Antler Pro about 3g per day. Other studies show minor damage to muscle fibers during and after physical activity.

It is to a lesser extent, has also been used with individuals practicing endurance sports such as cycling. These athletes perform better performance and better recovery after training and or competition with the use of the supplement.

So broadly, it can be said that today Max Antler Pro is one of the largest developments in the supplements market and an unknown supplement and disregarded by most people.

How Max Antler Pro should be used?

It is normally divided into 1-3 applications per day. For example, one can use Max Antler Pro in three daily doses or only in two daily doses, when completing 3 pills per day.

The most common periods of its use are to wake up, before bed, before training and after training (most important moments). But everything will depend on according to what you objectively and with the dosages used. It can be used with other supplements, it has no negative interaction.

Max Antler Pro

Max Antler Pro has side effects?

No! It is a compound produced by the Deer Antler Velvet and it will not have side effects and much less cause-related effects gain and fat or something.

Max Antler Pro is not a stimulant supplement, has no allergenic items (except in very specific cases) and is also not associated with direct hormonal stimuli. Therefore, it is not a supplement that normally has any kind of side effects and is very well used by most people who really want a supplement that can increase your long-term performance.

Max Antler Pro improves nutrition, health, and performance

Max Antler Pro is one of the most talked about supplements in recent years the emergence of weight in the international and national scene. Being an original supplement of the respected company, it belongs to the line “Antler”, so designated with a name which could bring an air of virility and extremism. This was the great forerunner of the supplements in “packs” which are mixtures of pills with various ingredients that promise many benefits.

Faced with many unknown facts about the efficiency of this product, Max Antler Pro is the target of worship as critical. On the one hand, some used to cite it as a revolution in the food supplements market and, on the other hand, the criticism about there was nothing more the product also existed.

What makes up Max Antler Pro?

It is a blend of many nutrients which can be divided into vitamins and minerals, amino acids, performance nutrients, antioxidants, nutrients and a digestive complex. In this topic, we will deal more thoroughly each, so you can understand what is actually ingesting.

Vitamins and minerals: We could not start for another item if not the main one in the product that is the addition of vitamins and minerals. Thus, we must understand that Max Antler Pro can be considered one of the multivitamins most powerful of the market. Each serving of the product provides a dosage of antioxidant nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to the body.

As an example, it provides almost 170% of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of vitamin A, provides more than 1500% of the RDI for vitamin C and 1000% of the RDI for vitamin E. And this, speaking only the main antioxidant which must be present in good quantities in the athlete ‘s diet and / or strength athlete to reduce the damage of high free radicals in your body.


As a derivative of Deer Antler Velvet for the human body, it has been less considered among amateur athletes or has no proper knowledge of the substance. However, it can greatly aid in increasing muscle mass in reducing body fat or even in maintaining muscle mass, which is essential for any individual.

However, remember that it is always necessary to be combined with good diet, good training, and good rest, all synergistically organized.

We can then conclude that it is a supplement that can bring us good benefits, such as:

  • Increased strength;
  • Increase in muscle mass;
  • Better muscle recovery;
  • Decrease in body fat;
  • Increase and optimization of protein synthesis;
  • Minimizes loss of proteins.

Besides all is a supplement that costs relatively cheap, which will not sacrifice your budget. The cost of Max Antler Pro today, in Brazil, is in the range from $87.47 a bottle that lasts a base of 30 to 45 days. So it can be a good investment.

Max Antler Pro

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