Is Geniux a scam or legit?

Geniux Review:- It is from a heterogeneous group of drugs that positively affect the quality element of consciousness and various mechanisms, such as the effect on the metabolism of brain cells, or blood supply to the brain, improving brain activity. It mainly refers to the area consciousness, while related group “Cognitives” to the field of cognitive functions such as memory and learning. The effect of depressants may occur relatively quickly, cognitive drugs have been proven in chronic conditions (Alzheimer’s disease) and the effect can be observed only after weeks and months.

Geniux as a great depressant

Geniux is suitable for acute or sub-acute states of impaired consciousness, memory, intellect and learning process. Acute organic brain syndrome – this term is called incipient brain damage, which is manifested by slowing the psyche, memory disorders and qualitative change of consciousness. It may be a reversible condition, or it may go to the point of dementia. The cause of acute brain syndrome can be brain trauma, stroke, infection or intoxication (alcohol, drug with central anticholinergic activity, carbon monoxide). The group of organic brain syndrome ranks delirium tremens. Acute administration of Geniux in stroke alleviates the development of hypoxic changes. Chronic cognitive – Geniux serves quite often, but its effect, especially in more severe dementia is controversial. Rather, Geniux has relevance in patients with mild cognitive disorders, and so on. Benign senile forgetfulness, when there is just too slow mental development without dementia. Geniux sometimes is administered in attention and memory disturbances, which occur due to fatigue and exhaustion, as well as children with ADHD and patients with encephalopathy.

Treating depression with Geniux

Geniux effectiveness is highly dependent on the dose, in practice it is often their under-dosing. In acute situations, it is necessary to give 4-8 g piracetam or its equivalent per day. At the beginning of the treatment it is preferably administered by intravenous infusion, because confused patient can expect good compliance. Geniux has immediate psychotropic effect, causing a long time to administration. The question is when to stop treatment depressants. From current evidence suggests that we should administer it at least 2-3 weeks after fading consciousness disorders. For continuous therapy depressants still lack conclusive scientific evidence. Geniux generally very well tolerated. Side effects are infrequent and are mild in nature. Occasionally there may be sleep disturbances, agitation and excitation. They are generally contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the substance, in pregnancy, lactation.

Geniux, brain metabolism enhancer

Geniux belongs to further enhancing substances metabolism of brain (cerebral metabolic enhancers). So far there is no uniform approach in distribution depressants, some authors distinguish classical smart drugs and flavor enhancers brain metabolism, while others combine the two groups together. Some substances moreover pass its effect cognitive. In addition to classical smart drugs and cognitive (substances that improve the function of the central acetylcholinergic system) positively affect cognitive function of neuro-protective drugs. We classify them scavengers of oxygen free radicals (alpha tocopherol, vitamin C, lazaroids, extractum ginkgo bilobae, selegiline), blockers of voltage gated calcium channel (cinnarizine, flunarizine, nimodipine) or nerve growth factors.

Geniux with proven effectiveness

Geniux is a smart drug preferably with proven effectiveness, this is a cyclic derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid, but does not act through this system. Improves regional glucose utilization and oxygen, hypoxic effect exhibits hemorrheologic effect (lowers blood viscosity, reduces adhesiveness of platelets and erythrocytes, improves plasticity of erythrocytes) scavenger has no effect. It is used in organic and toxic contingent states of confusion, in mild and incipient dementia, followed by delirium of various causes (alcohol poisoning, drugs). Other indications are fatigue and exhaustion, attention deficit disorder, conditions after injuries in the brain and cerebral atherosclerosis. In combination with cognitive be tested its administration even Alzheimer’s disease. It well crosses the blood brain barrier (BBB), accumulates in the cerebral cortex and subcortex. Effective doses (especially in acute therapy) are 4-8 g, often in the form of infusion. The maintenance dose is usually 2-4 g per day. Tolerance of Geniux is very good and the side effects are not common. In addition to insomnia and irritability described an increase of sexual function, especially libido (patients it may occur as an undesirable element in behavior). The mechanism of Geniux action is similar; some indirectly enhance acetylcholine transmission in the brain.

Geniux improves cognitive functions

It is structurally close pyridoxine, penetrates well HEB and accumulates in the cortex, hippocampus and cerebellum nuclei tribe. Besides classical effects of Geniux, it has proven scavenger effect, enhances the plasticity of erythrocytes and has anti-inflammatory effects. After prolonged administration improves cognitive functions, especially memory capabilities and reduce fatigue. It is used in various manifestations of acute organic brain syndrome, attention disorders and learning, in conditions of reduced mental ability is often used in encephalopathic children. Geniux is a substance which acts like antihypoxic and is slightly stimulated. Its disadvantage is affecting cardiac conduction system and the risk of addiction. Abroad tested use in Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia, is also indicated in delirium. It has weak anxiolytic and psychostimulant effects. Served with acute organic brain syndrome in chronic conditions tested his administration in hyperkinetic children. For vascular type dementia, it is abroad idebenone being used, it has, in addition conventional effect and antioxidant properties.

Geniux improves the delivery of oxygen to brain

It acts as an antagonist at alpha receptors enhances dopaminergic transmission, and serotonin antagonists. In the brain, it improves the delivery of oxygen, reduces vascular permeability. On the periphery due to alpha blockade, it leads to vasodilation, a slight decrease in blood pressure and heart rate. It applies to all types of dementias, in functional and organic disturbances in peripheral and central blood flow (peripheral arterial disease, diabetic angiopathy, cerebral atherosclerosis, tinnitus, circulatory disorders of the retina) in syndrome in the elderly. The daily dose in demented patients ranges from 3-6 mg. Among the adverse events, there may be happened digestive disturbances, orthostatic hypotension and blurred vision. Geniux have also been used in combination with xanthine derivatives e.g. with etofyllinem; it have a bronchodilator and vasodilator effects. The combination of these substances favorably influences the circulation ratios in brain vessels. Furthermore, the metabolic effects on the CNS, improves glucose utilization and oxygen, improves protein synthesis and cholinergic and dopaminergic neurotransmission. It has an inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation. Geniux efficacy has been demonstrated in vascular dementia also Alzheimer’s disease. It is also indicated in chronic cerebral vascular insufficiency, after a stroke, with vestibular disorders and peripheral circulation.

Geniux effects in increasing the supply of oxygen to tissues, improves glucose utilization and energy metabolism of neuron. It is used in disorders of the central and peripheral circulation. It has vasodilator, decreases platelet aggregation and improves plasticity of the erythrocytes, resulting in an increase in CAMP levels. Used in acute and chronic vascular disorders, a beneficial effect was observed especially in patients with ischemic vascular dementia in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Geniux use in many psychological disorders

The active substances act by different mechanisms and yet are not all fully elucidated. They have an effect on the blood vessels and tissues, it affects the rheological properties of the blood, has proven neuro-protective effect. In neural tissue improves the utilization of oxygen and glucose, a scavenger effect and thus reducing the lipoperoxidation of cell membranes. Vasodilating action is mainly in the arterioles, it reduces capillary permeability, reduces platelet aggregation and has Anti-edema effect.

It is mainly used for initial and mild dementia as ischemic vascular type, and in dementia of the Alzheimer type. In Alzheimer’s disease, scientist examines the effect on inhibiting the formation of beta-amyloid. Furthermore, it is possible to indicate disorders of mental performance, such as light memory disorders and attention benign senile forgetfulness. Its effects on the periphery make Geniux ideal for use in peripheral arterial disease, and microcirculation. The extract improves sensory disorders based on vascular insufficiency and served in visual impairment (insufficient blood supply of the retina), tinnitus and hearing impairment, also in dizziness. Geniux is well tolerated with dementia is usually given 1 capsule two times daily, duration of therapy should be at least 8 weeks (the under diagnosis and the patient’s response).

Geniux improves utilization of glucose and oxygen

It is assumed with Geniux that it improves intracellular utilization of glucose and oxygen and moderate rheological effect. It is used more as an auxiliary smart drug and geriatrikum in states of fatigue, weakness and exhaustion. In animal, it acts as an adaptogen and increases non-specific resistance of the organism against unfavorable environmental influences. Geniux is a xanthine derivatives with moderate vasodilatory effects, moreover, improves the rheological properties of blood (red cells improves plasticity, reduces blood viscosity, acting antiplatelet). It is used in disorders of the central and peripheral blood circulation (peripheral arterial disease, impaired vision and hearing, dementia, ischemic vascular origin). Among nootropic agents, it has been previously classified clomethiazole, a substance that potentates the inhibitory effects of the gamma-aminobutyric acid. Clomethiazole has significantly dampening effect, is mainly used in the treatment of delirium (delirium tremens including) associated with acute restlessness, agitation and aggressiveness. It has significant anticonvulsant activity and can be used in epilepticus status. In practice it is possible to combine different drugs to improve cognitive function. It may be combined with some individual smart drugs, also effective is a combination of substances with cognitive and / or neuroprotective drug.

Geniux strengthens the body and brain too

Geniux is among the powerful products which increases the body’s resistance to stress situations. It operates on the principle of homeostasis – the balance of all body systems, unlike substances focused on one particular symptom. It has advantage of its ability to strengthen the body, increase energy, endurance and strength. Geniux is able to significantly increase the power if necessary, but otherwise does not stimulate more than necessary. According to scientific research, it can significantly boost the immune system and overall physical vitality, and simply rejuvenate the brain. It contains 60 to 70% carbohydrate including fiber, a negligible amount of fat and 10 to 14% high-quality vegetable protein composed of 19 amino acids, including seven essential. Scientific studies have shown and confirmed positive effect on fertility and libido strengthening, overall support brain function. Overall Geniux induces balance of the hormonal system. Other studies attribute its ability to improve memory, increase blood oxygenation and correction function of neurotransmitters in the body.


Geniux benefits:

  • – Supplies the necessary energy
  • – Helps in getting mental strength necessary for the successful treatment of the disease
  • – Returns and enhances vitality
  • – Forces the body regenerates damaged by alcoholism, drug abuse and excessive use of drugs
  • – To counteract the effects of excessive drinking
  • – Slows down the aging process
  • – Preserves the freshness of brain and body
  • – Refreshes your memory
  • – Strengthens confidence and psyche
  • – Maintains good eyesight and hearing
  • – Mild depression, mental exhaustion, neurosis
  • – Helps with insomnia

How Geniux works?

The mechanisms of action of Geniux is like improving supply of glucose and oxygen to brain during hypoxic activity and protects brain tissue from neurotoxic effects by improving blood flow to brain. It is used e.g. in acute or subacute conditions disorders consciousness, memory and learning. Other indications may be chronic disorders of cognitive functions, such as slowing or mental memory disorder – where it is not a typical dementia. Regarding cognitive drugs, it may be the mechanism of action for improvement cholinergic transmission, but other mechanisms such as modulation glutamate transmission in the CNS. Classical cognitive drugs are used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

It cause improving regional utilization of glucose and oxygen, hypoxic activity, lowers blood viscosity, reduces the adhesiveness of platelets and erythrocytes, improves plasticity erythrocytes. Indications include the treatment and prevention of shock cognitive and psychiatric dysfunction, further facilitation learning and memory functions in developmental dyslexia, disorders cognitive function after a history of hypoxia and ischemia of the brain and their prevention, cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and symptomatology after stroke, transient ischemic attack, coma, treatment withdrawal symptoms in alcoholism, deliriumtremens prevention of alcohol, hypoxia and xenobiotics on brain function.

In pregnant women, it is not sued as clinical experience shows. Animal studies have shown no teratogenic properties. During pregnancy, it should be taken only under careful consideration the expected benefit against the potential risk (in some sources, the use of this drug during pregnancy is not recommended). It should not be used by breastfeeding women. It increases uptake and utilization of glucose in the brain. Regional cerebral perfusion improves inter alia increasing flexibility and reducing their aggregation. In the cortical area, it increases concentration of acetylcholine and its release, accelerates postsynaptic cholinergic transmission, increases the metabolism of nucleic acids in the brain.

Geniux is available with following prices:

  • 1 Bottle (30 capsules): $39
  • 3 Bottles: $90
  • 5 Bottles: $125
  • 7 Bottles: $140


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