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Foligen Review

Foligen is a supplement of vitamins and minerals essential for maintenance of hair and, therefore, should be used continuously. Unbalanced nutrition, hair products, sun light, sweat, dirt, hats, physical stress and stress, among other elements, can harm your hair and make it fall back. Therefore, we recommend continued use of this product, even after achieving desired results. Know more about it here.

What is Foligen?

It is a complex composed of liquid serum that combines more than 15 amino acids, zinc, chromium, biotin and vitamin B6 complex. A capillary supplement that promotes restoration of healthy hair strands from root. It invigorates capillary tissue, regulates pH and controls oiliness, as well as recovering root of follicles.

Its formulation is completely natural, without any contraindication. It brings life and shine back to hair that time has chastised and health conditions that have caused falls and decline in its structures.

Foligen brings immediate results

Use this hair growth supplement to help reduce porosity and protect capillary fibers in addition to ensuring health of hair for many days. In threads, this Foligen operative principle is also highly efficient. It maintains yarns and also solves life of those who have a lot of need to hydrate, but do not have time to spend long hours with masks resting under thermal caps.

Being rich in vitamin B5, Foligen has ability to bring immediate results, thus aiding in gradual treatment. It helps in strengthening wires and also root, thus preventing hair from becoming brittle. It prevents hair dryness, since vitamin B5 acts on scalp.

Formula of Foligen

It works, as its mission rejuvenate your hair poles, strengthen follicles and roots of hair and reduce hair loss by 80%. It also leaves hairs stronger, healthier and brighter. People who suffer from baldness or continuous hair loss today are super happy and satisfied with results.

Foligen secret success is an exclusive formula with Minoxidil. It consists of a matrix of 16 Amino acids which are substances that give strength to hairs. These micro nutrients are tested and approved in treatment of baldness.

Benefits of Foligen

Hair frames face and complement face of delicate feminine expressions of face. Health of hair or lack of it can compromise a beauty to be admired. See benefits of using Foligen are:

  • Formula composed of totally natural ingredients that reinvigorate radiance of hair.
  • Reverses harmful effects of elements on hair strands, in addition to early fall for specific causes.
  • It balances pH of scalp, neutralizes oiliness, prevents dandruff and promotes follicle growth.
  • Protects wires against environmental pollution by maintaining health of root of hair, creating a shield against pollutants.
  • Hairs grow back stronger in spaces that already caused female baldness.

How Foligen works?

Its method of functioning is simple and clear. It brings all its vitamins De-fragmented (in form of micro nutrients) thus absorbed by body in a much faster and in guaranteed way. It is to say 90% chances of body to absolve all nutrients with double speed.

With just 2 times application per day your scalp will be loaded with finest nutrients acting directly on scalp. It also acts on HGT by discharging an accelerated stimulus in production of new hair poles.

Formula of success was created with help of dermatologist and endocrinologist from all over world, years and years of study and testing so Foligen formula is successful wherever it goes. Since, all ingredients were hard tested to only take part in revenue.

How to apply Foligen?


  • Wash your hair as usual and pat dry with a towel. Then, with web hair, apply Foligen wick by wick.
  • While applying it wig by wick, emphasize most battered areas, in locks near face that usually receive aggression of sun more directly, but avoid areas of scalp, not to cause excess of oiliness.
  • Another way to use it for hair is to spread some of pure product after washing hair, massaging tips to ensure absorption of nutrients. At this time you can use it with your comb cream, for example.
  • Then dry with a dryer or of course, remembering that those who have smooth hair perceive excellent results in form of threads, especially after applying heat.

Testimonials from Customers who used Foligen

“It caught me off guard when I realized it was already getting bald, it shook my self esteem and I became depressed I met Foligen and to my joy stopped hair loss and began to grow in most critical areas.”

 “I just joined medical course. I studied a lot to pass entrance exam and I think this effort paid off, but I felt that they left their mark. I lost a huge amount of hair and I looked much older, because my beautiful curls disappeared and gave way to a tangle of opaque and lifeless wires. After searching a lot, I found Foligen and thought it would be a waste of time. I was wrong, it worked. Today I have my hair back and I’m happy.”

How to use Foligen?

Recommendation is to use it two times in head skin. In some cases, for more expressive and accelerated results, a higher dose may be indicated. Talk to your dermatologist about increasing application.

You do not have to change anything in your habits, you can continue doing and eating everything normally. But maintaining a balanced diet can help achieve better results.

Satisfaction guarantee offered with Foligen

It is a great success in Europe: attested by thousands of customers in more than 20 countries with different types of food, biotypes and lifestyles.

You can use Foligen with peace of mind and confidence that you have at hand with a product with proven results. It is produced according to strictest European quality standards and has approval of most demanding and well informed consumers in world.

If after use of product for at least one month, according to instructions on packaging, you are not satisfied with results of this product, company will return your money fully without any red tape.

Where to buy Foligen?

Access official website, choose one of offers and enjoy discounts on prices of Foligen. Do not accept imitations.

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