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In general, the JUGGERNOX is a sports food supplement, which guarantees increased muscle mass, increased energy and stamina. What is your differential with JUGGERNOX dietary supplements? Is it a complete and innovative supplement that aids in muscle growth, fat loss and ensures greater physical strength?


The combination of this supplement with a healthy diet and exercise ensures fast results scientifically proven by study groups worldwide. It is best known in North America and throughout Europe, and is now gaining fame in the Brazilian market, thanks to its efficient and natural formula.

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It is one of the most nutritious supplements to be formed by a variety of essential ingredients. The major benefit this supplementation may offer concerns absorption. It is mainly used to times of the day as before sleeping or waking since JUGGERNOX is a supplement classified as slow absorption and can thereby prevent catabolism and provide maintenance of muscle mass.

When we spent many hours without food to enter a catabolic process, this means that, in the absence of carbohydrates and fats free to be consumed in the form of energy, the body will seek its source in proteins. They begin to be degraded, reduced to smaller sizes for use as an energy source by the body.

The time of day that we spent more time is to eat is during sleep. That is why ingesting this supplement is indicated at bedtime. It will maintain the high levels of protein that the body does not enter the catabolism process.

The best time-release supplement option in supplementation, it is JUGGERNOX, indicated to take before bed, giving protein support throughout sleep, preventing catabolism and contributing to muscle growth.


Effects and results – reports using JUGGERNOX

It has not immediate but cumulative effect, leave a summary of what they felt and noticed every time they took the JUGGERNOX and that leads to consider the best supplement on the market.

Notorious increasing strength and exercise performance after 10 days of use, after the second week always also notice increased muscle mass. It need to be used usually for 2 months and then get one month without taking more for the sake of the body no longer provide the same effects as initially, then the pause aim is to organism regain sensitivity to the effect of supplement again.

After stop to take in a matter of loss, just to feel more for strength and performance during use, in relation to muscle mass, have very little loss. You should take into account several other factors that go from person to person the effects mentioned here, it is as fundamental, diet, exercise and genetics.


How JUGGERNOX works?

Your digestion can take more than twice as long to occur to protein production and essential amino acids absorption to the body than whey protein, for example, a protein that are used to consume after training and characterized by its rapid absorption.

As the whey protein can remain active through 3 hours, JUGGERNOX can reach up to 7 hours of action, and this is because it is sensitive to pH in the acidic environment of the stomach, causing absorption is gradual and sustained release amino acid in the bloodstream. It is 30% of essential amino acids, and in addition to consume it through the milk.

Is There Any Benefits Of JUGGERNOX

It has content, L-Arginine HCL very high at around 20.5%, higher value than whey, soy and egg. High concentrations of this amino, especially in the form of peptides found in JUGGERNOX, can greatly help the muscle during intense training and during phase diets.

It can help regulate proteins transit time through the intestine because it tends to form a “gel”. This reduces the speed of passage and can help in the absorption of amino acids, peptides and proteins for the whole intestinal wall due to an extended exposure. Higher absorption of protein helps athletes meet their daily needs of amino acids.

It could be classified as the most exciting supplement due to its L-Arginine HCL ratio to almost 5: 1. It is a precursor amino acid excitation of neurotransmitters in the brain whereas relaxation; considering that it can stimulate to the training sessions.

This supplement also has a very good level of Tribulus Terrestris including Marca Root, and Yohimbe. They all give themselves for the production of glucose and energy during exercise and demonstrate a beneficial anti-catabolic effect on muscle.

Difference between JUGGERNOX and others in market

It differs because of its extraction process. It is extracted by filtration, thereby increasing the amount of bioactive peptides. But for what it’s for? These nutrients improve the immune system, making it more resistant to viruses and bacteria. This ultimately creates an ideal environment for good muscle development.

In addition, it has a peak action up to 7 hours by being a protein gradual absorption. In addition to providing development of muscle mass, it also helps to make the burning of fat.

Since, it is passed by processes which give it a very important feature: the amount of ingredients that are absorbed is much larger in proportion when compared to other supplements. This is because, when the protein is hydrolyzed it is broken into smaller pieces, like passing through a process of pre-digestion. Therefore, our body can absorb it much more quickly.

How to take JUGGERNOX?

As talking earlier, this supplement to be a slow protein absorption, is indicated to be taken before bed, since we would be many hours without eating food, and for those who practice weight training, you know how important it is to remain in an anabolic state for gain muscle mass.

Taking into consideration that your digestion can last up to 6 hours to occur, JUGGERNOX is the best supplement for that period. Secondly, in the absence of whey protein, this supplement can also be taken after training, since many quality brands add the performance of this supplement.

How to order JUGGERNOX?

To order a limited trial, you only need to visit official site and do according to the instructions. It will be shipped to your home in 4 to 5 days.

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