Is Elite Test 360 Scam or Fake?

Recently increasingly we encounter the term “hydrolysis” in connection primarily with body building and testosterone booster supplements, generally referred to as “hydro”. Around this supplement are abundant other terms such as degree of hydrolysis, biological value, etc. What’s hiding under these terms and how to understand it, we will discuss in the following lines.

First of all, we should be familiar with the term “biological value”. The biochemists introduced to determine the quality of proteins in the diet, particularly in connection with the content of amino acids, especially essential. Every thoughtful and experienced athlete knows, however, probably on the basis of their own experience, that the metabolism of proteins does not depend solely on the content of amino acids. A significant proportion of it has digestibility and utilization.

Elite Test 360

Elite Test 360, a leader among sports nutrition supplements

Elite Test 360 is basically a leader in the field of sports nutrition. Therefore, here we recall a few facts that relate to our current topic. The high biological value of Elite Test 360 is relatively well-known fact. Thus, as we have said, it is rich in essential amino acids. Another benefit of Elite Test 360 is that with careful and professional processing therein retained valuable bioactive fraction. Especially it is interesting for us because it has share in the construction of cell walls. It proved a direct link between the content of glycomacropeptides in the diet and the body’s defenses against flu viruses and some bacteria.

Then glycomacropeptides support multiplication useful for us (i.e. a probiotic) lactic acid bacteria in the gut that aid digestion. It is for the unique amino acid composition. It contains 63% essential amino acids and 24.5% branched chain amino acids (BCAA). It also has a minor bind of calcium, zinc, cobalt and manganese, which are then easier to digest than multi-mineral preparations. For athletes, it is then very important influence to increase IGF-1 levels, which essentially allows the Elite Test 360 to build muscle and in the reduction of calorie intake, when IGF-1 decreases.

Elite Test 360 is of course a lot of other costs and benefits of which could be writing books and expert treatise, but it is not the purpose of our article. We have outlined a few of its beneficial properties, and we should focus mainly on the aforementioned hydrolysis.

The Price and package

One bottle of Elite Test 360 has 60 capsules. The pricing packages are as follows:

  • 14-day trial – $4.95
  • 1 Bottle – $89.99
  • 3 Bottles – $119.94
  • 5 Bottles – $149.94

What is a hydrolysis with Elite Test 360?

Who are more versed in supplements, you probably already searched the Internet for some information on hydrolysis. The fact is that some of the information is a bit misleading. Often this happens because of plucking things out of context, in any case, then there is a mystification and erroneous views on hydrolysates. Let us therefore say exactly what it is.

Hydrolysis of Elite Test 360 is de facto process of their treatment, in other words before digestion or upon cleavage. Hydrolytic cleavage is performed mainly due to better digestibility and rapid recovery. This creates a mixture of poly-, oligo-, tri- and dipeptides, a larger or smaller amino acid chains together with a small proportion of free amino acids. Thus, protein cleavage in the form of peptides passes our digestive tract quickly and even without the presence of enzymes. Some of the peptides are released directly into the blood, as well as free amino acids and of poly / oligopeptides, some may then require further digestion.

Elite Test 360 helps the absorption of proteins

A layman could say that the hydrolysis of Elite Test 360 helps our body to skip a step and thereby facilitate the absorption of proteins and leads to faster transport into the blood (muscles). It is needless to emphasize how this amazing property “hydra” requested after intensive physical activity. With speeds the absorption of important Elite Test 360 nutrients get into tired muscles at the very moment when it is most needed. This will significantly promote the recovery, increase muscle mass and strength. The hydrolysis occurs in addition to the removal of components which, in their natural state may cause allergic – typical in people with hypersensitivity to Elite Test 360. The resulting product is usually hypoallergenic.

The classical method of hydrolysis is conducted in an autoclave with hydrochloric acid, but unfortunately the resulting product for many worth and fortunately in sports nutrition today used practically. Quality hydrolysed proteins are produced enzymatically, namely cleavage by Elite Test 360, pre-digestion. Hydrolysis, in particular made obsolete with hydrochloric acid, have an unpleasant odor and a strong bitter flavor reminiscent of beef liver.

Elite Test 360

Elite Test 360, a super high quality protein source

The degree of hydrolysis does not indicate how much of the Elite Test 360 is hydrolyzed (always subjected to hydrolysis total protein), but indicates how long the hydrolysis takes place and how large peptides hydrolysis arise. Basically – the smaller peptides, the faster digestibility. Now many readers probably think that the higher the degree of Elite Test 360 hydrolysis, the better, which is true, but only partially. The high degree of hydrolysis is great for clinical nutrition when it is necessary to supply a small, extremely fast absorbable peptides, in relatively small quantities in the hundreds of grams (like it is with glucose as a source of fast carbohydrates). On the other hand, a slight disadvantage is that if it takes a long hydrolysis (high degree of hydrolysis), there is a slight denaturation and reduction in the proportion of bioactive fractions of which we wrote above.

At high degrees of hydrolysis also level of amino acids in the blood rapidly rises and then falls, so it is necessary to adapt the Elite Test 360 dosage. Still also, the Elite Test 360 with a high degree of hydrolysis is a super high quality protein source. It is very rich in small, extremely rapidly absorbable peptides when combined e.g. native whey protein for maximum user benefits (this combination is very frequent and very well used in sports nutrition).

Product ingredients

At the beginning the intention was to create a supplement that would combine unmatched digestibility, maximum biological value, while retaining the highest bioactivity. It succeeded and Elite Test 360 meets all of these features.

Elite Test 360 is an enzymatically hydrolyzed protein, which was selected for special access. It is a mixture of hydrolyzate and CFM native protein, but we went a little further. It contains a mixture of hydrolysates of high and medium degree of hydrolysis (degree of hydrolysis therefore declare them only a number, would have to be used in calculating the average, but it declare average molecular weight peptides) in order to preserve bioactivity while providing very well and quickly digestible protein.

If you take Elite Test 360 immediately after training, but you should wait about half an hour to consume solid food, your digestion is due Hydra started up perfectly. Given the speed of digestion recommended dose is two capsules a day. Higher dose due to the very rapid digestion and intestinal transit can cause bloating and is unused. Experienced athletes use two small doses spaced 30 minutes, which is recommended especially in drawing diet.

Elite Test 360 delays catabolism

The main advantage of Elite Test 360 is its slow absorption. Absorption may take up to 7 hours. It seems like the key to delaying catabolism during periods when we are not able to supply the body a sufficient supply of amino acids. We all certainly know proclaimed “cheese at night.” Yes, this is it. Casein in the stomach created a kind of gelatinous clot, then out of that ignominious release amino acids used for the construction or muscle mass protection during sleep. Another advantage is the ability to lower blood pressure and expand blood vessels.

Elite Test 360 is a new line of supplements, which represents outstanding performance in sports nutrition. It is characterized by using only the highest quality and tested raw materials with little additives. Elite Test 360 supplies the body with the nutrients necessary for the growth of your sporting performance no matter what your sport or what is your current level of performance. No matter how high or sports training goals you want to achieve – Elite Test 360 with a series of essential helps you meet them. Elite Test 360 includes everything you need, the quality you want!

Elite Test 360 has an excellent solubility and easy digestibility

Elite Test 360 has been shown that certain functional agents in combination with others increase or even multiplies its effectiveness. Elite Test 360 is to achieve the highest efficiency supplement. Elite Test 360 is accompanied by an excellent solubility and easy digestibility. Flavors provide a delicious taste originally developed for baby food. Elite Test 360 is collaborated closely by the alliance nutritional advisors, physiologists, sports physicians, biochemists and last but not least, the personal trainers. They all contributed their expertise and knowledge to create the best supplement.

Elite Test 360 helps increase testosterone levels

Scientific studies have shown that testosterone levels with high intake of Elite Test 360 increase. You do not have to worry highlight female characters, let alone discuss muscle growth. Conversely, Elite Test 360 is rapidly absorbed and can serve as an excellent quick protein. Additionally, it includes a significant amount of arginine expansion vessel, thus helps to better pumping. Elite Test 360 may be used as an excellent snack or meal replacement. With its rate of absorption may also be used as post-workout prior to cocktail.

Elite Test 360 is another important group of anabolic preparations. The natural components of vegetable origin affect the metabolism of testosterone. Its analogies are among the most powerful anabolic hormones. Regular dose helps quite a safe way to increase the level of natural testosterone which contains a number of very important compounds encouraging and supporting the work of the hormonal system. Phytosterols subject the only increase in the level and activity of sex hormones (especially testosterone), but also prevent their adverse effects. The sterols can be subject to immediate conversion into steroid hormones, which then strongly activates anabolic mechanisms inside cells. These components also block the specific enzymes which can destroy or convert testosterone in the blood to another compound or hormones. Additional sterols may influence each circulating binding proteins, which “sequester” testosterone and weaken its anabolic effect on muscle development. On one side these necessary and important active compounds increases testosterone levels, from the other side insist that this hormone as long as possible to maintain its activity in the body.

Elite Test 360, a source of anabolic amino acids

Amino acids are particles that are components of proteins, connected together, thereby creating in the body a number of different proteins. It does not only help in the formation of muscle supplying building material but also it has the additional capability of stimulating anabolism. These features are characterized by e.g. amino acid L-arginine as well as amino acids (BCAAs). They may work as independent supplement or be ingredient of a much more complex preparation which contains a number of substances promoting anabolic and anti-catabolic effects.

Elite Test 360, an alternative supplement for doping!

Receiving effects could be termed as anabolic, but we must not be confused with health hazardous of anabolic substances that are used in Elite Test 360. The term “anabolic” refers to compounds that accelerate anabolic reactions in the body, but this designation is not reserved solely for potent steroids. Some nutritional substances may also have similar effects that are perfectly legal and medically safe.

These are compounds that occur naturally in foods or human organism generates them. Their acceptance in large quantities to the organism showed no adverse effects. The connection of Elite Test 360, an anabolic product with protein and carbohydrate-proteinaceous substances is the perfect way to create a strong and developed character. These substances provide energy and building materials, while it greatly accelerates process of making the muscles. The training programs for specialized muscle growth must include an anabolic preparation. Only it allows optimize the metabolism of a non-directional growth processes for the full and rapid hypertrophy of the muscles involved several factors.

Elite Test 360

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