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Erectile dysfunction is defined as lasting at least six months duration, the inability to attain and maintain an erection to enable satisfactory sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be divided into organic (vasculogenic, neurogenic, endocrine, diabetic, anatomical) and psychogenic.

In most cases it is impossible to find a definite cause of erectile dysfunction; therefore, treatment is symptomatic, not causal. Most important in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is history, to eliminate or confirm if erectile dysfunction is a symptom of serious illness overall. Treatment of erectile dysfunction should be simple, accessible and rapid onset of action and long-term effect. Highly effective and safe method of choice for most men is Spartagen XT. Spartagen XT treats erectile dysfunction in most cases.


Highly effective and safe method to treat erectile dysfunction ( SPARTAGEN XT )

Erectile dysfunction is defined as persistent (for a period of longer persistence than 6 months) inability to develop and maintain an erection enabling satisfactory sexual intercourse. We divide erectile dysfunctions into physical (vascular, neurologic, endocrine, diabetic, anatomical) and psychological. In most cases it is impossible to find a clear cause of erectile dysfunction. The most important in diagnosing erectile dysfunction with an anamnesis, the goal is to rule out or confirm if erectile dysfunction is not a symptom of serious illness total. Treatment of erectile dysfunction will be simple, accessible, fast having long term effects with Spartagen XT. Highly effective and safe method of the first choice for a patient is with orally submission of Spartagen XT.

Throw failure or transient situational erectile dysfunction do not pose a serious problem and require no treatment. Treatment is indicated if there is a failure in more than one quarter of attempts realization sexual intercourse. The causes of erectile dysfunction are in most cases organic origin (80%), roughly 20% is purely psychogenic causes. Psychic superstructure occurs in all cases of ED problems worse. In such cases, we are talking about secondary psychogenic cause.

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The choice of most men for erectile dysfunction


The most famous study indicates that some form of erectile dysfunction is affected up to 53% of men aged 35-65 years. This subtle form of ED occurs in about 17%, moderate in 25%, and severe in about 10% of cases. The incidence of erectile dysfunction is more common in older age categories, but ED also occurs at a younger age. According to a representative survey conducted by STEM / MARK conducted from 2004, said some form of erectile dysfunction every other man aged 35-65 years. Complete loss of erection suffers according to the study, every tenth man. It is estimated that only most of men tried to get ride of erectile dysfunction with Spartagen XT. Many people do not know where these issues were addressed and to what doctor to go. The global studies involving more than 26,000 men and women aged 40 to 80 years found that only 8-10% of the respondents were medical examination when asked about their sexual health.

Erection is a complex neurovascular phenomenon comes under hormonal control. Spartagen XT helps arteries dilation, release of trabecular smooth muscle and activation of the corporeal veno-occlusive mechanism. The most important mediators of these reactions are NO (nitric oxide) and cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate). The genital tumescence occurs when sexual stimulation through central psychogenic incentives or direct local irritation of sensory sensitive genital organs, most often a combination thereof. Erectile dysfunction can be divided into organic (e.g. vascular, neurogenic, endocrine), and psychogenic. We distinguish primary disorders (present since the onset of sexual life) and secondary (after satisfactory sexual life).

Spartagen XT helps in low sexual desire

Erectile dysfunction may be full or partial, may involve all partners (generalized) or be selective and related to a period of mental or somatic illness. It occurs in heterosexuals and homosexuals, but also people with different sexual deviations. Spartagen XT helps in low sexual desire (frigidity), removes dysfunction orgasm, provide satisfaction to various dysfunctions (premature ejaculation, tarda). Erection problems also occur in congenital or acquired disability erectile bodies, the result of injuries, surgery, radiation and many other somatic and psychiatric illnesses. Other significant risk factors for ED belongs hypertension, diabetes mellitus, lipid metabolism disorders, obesity and smoking. Spartagen XT help first get ride of these things.

Erectile dysfunction is a symptom of heterogeneous aetiology, which is a symptom of many interrelated disorders. Finding a clear cause of ED is in most cases impossible, therefore, symptomatic treatment of ED with Spartagen XT is not causal.

Spartagen XT helps boost vascular function that is the most common reasons of ED. Treatment of low-grade factors with Spartagen XT does not lead to endothelial damage and the development of vasoconstrictive and prothrombotic processes. This supplement helps blood vessels dilate and get its ability to vasodilatory stimuli and can respond even vasoconstriction. Manifestations of endothelial dysfunction are encountered most frequently in the coronary region, but are usually generalized disability and affect vascular genitalia.

Spartagen XT helps boost testosterone

Most neurological diseases involved in the development of ED due to the central or peripheral autonomic innervations insufficiency, which leads to lack of corporal smooth muscle relaxation and activation of vasculogenic events leading to inadequate erection and Spartagen XT helps support central autonomic innervations. The most common causes of ED consider multiple sclerosis (prevalence between 50-90%), Parkinson’s disease (ED in about 65-80%), discopathy, post-traumatic spinal cord injury, epilepsy, and many others. Some neuropathy occurs in connection with diabetes or various infections.

The effect of androgens on libido and sexual behavior is generally accepted, but its role in the physiology of the erectile mechanism is still under discussion. Clinical research indicates that androgen while improving the quality of erection, but it seems that erection is not strictly hormone-dependent. Good results in the treatment of erection using Spartagen XT seen in hypogonadal patients. In patients with hyperprolactinemia observed sometimes reduce sexual desire. For pituitary adenomas typically accompanied by hyperprolactinemia, Spartagen XT in such condition helps increase in serum testosterone.

Spartagen XT also helps in old age

Diabetes mellitus is indeed endocrine disorder, but erectile dysfunction in these patients is caused secondarily neurovascular damage that significantly interferes with the mechanism of erection. The prevalence of ED in diabetic patients is possible between 35-90% with Spartagen XT. Up to 15% of apparently healthy men with ED suffer hidden impaired glucose tolerance, and they increased incidence of diabetes. Erectile dysfunction is three times more common in diabetics and 12% of men are the first symptom of diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by morphological abnormalities of the external genitalia e.g. deformities erectile bodies, morbus peyronie (morbus peyronie), hypospadias, epispadi, micropenis, posttraumatic changes and so on. This group of organic disabilities can join other urological diseases, which can cooperate to develop ED.

Spartagen XT makes possible satisfactory erection if there are not any organic causes. Psychogenic factors are, however, also occurs in purely organic base, Spartagen XT helps great contribute to the fixation disturbances. Psychogenic ED occurs most often between 21 to 30 year when starting sexual life and the age of 41-50 years, when the stimuli that previously were sufficient to induce an erection, and there is Spartagen XT as fixation mechanism. The most common form of psychogenic etiology of ED is seen intensified activity sympathetic while inhibition of neurotransmitter release. In patients with psychogenic ED good erection is noticed in morning, sudden onset, relationship conflicts or increased fatigue. In the treatment applied Spartagen XT to increase self-esteem and more male.

Symptomatic treatment of ED with Spartagen XT

ED may be caused by medications and other chemicals. In this category falls about 200 commonly prescribed ineffective male enhancement drugs. In some cases, there is found negative effects of these drugs on the nervous system depressant or sedative effects or their effects on the endocrine balance of the organism. Their impact on ED is highly individual. The group of drugs with negative effects on erections calculates the influence of alcohol, smoking and the abuse of other psychotropic substances.

The most important part of the diagnostic process in the search for the cause of ED is history. ED is multi-causal and multi-dimensional nature of interpersonal problem whose cause is heterogeneous etiology. ED therapy is symptomatic with Spartagen XT, even assuming that we find the decisive cause of ED, as well as to compensate for the underlying disease (treatment of hypertension, metabolic or other diseases), Spartagen XT automatically leads to the disappearance of a problem with a lack of erection.

History in the sexual history should be emphasized previous and current sexual life, the number of partners, sexual orientation, preference, desire, need sexual discharge, frequency and coverage of night and morning erections, its rigidity, ease of equipment, length of retention, the character of ejaculation, men overall satisfaction with sexual intercourse and reaction of other partner. Ideally, it is useful interview with both partners, if necessary. In general history, we emphasize the risk factors for ED (lifestyle, smoking, obesity, drugs, overall disease, trauma, surgery, and other factors that could be associated with the development of ED).

Treatment of ED with Spartagen XT is safe effective and simple

Physical examination is among the mandatory procedures to identify the causes of erectile dysfunction. Any patient with ED should be screened for the condition through urogenital, endocrine and neurological process. During examination, the things to pay attention to genital area are the size and shape of a penis, volume, elasticity and stiffness of the testicles, any resistance or other irregularities, the presence of varicocele, and other abnormalities. Digital rectal examination of the prostate should be done in all men over fifty years, ideally with detection of prostate specific antigen (PSA) prior to palpation of the prostate.

These tests are used to evaluate the integrity of the vascular system of the penis. After application of vasoactive substances (Spartagen XT), the erection takes up ten minutes to about half an hour. Such a reaction is indicative of normal arterial and veno-occlusive haemodynamics cavernous erectile bodies of the penis and Spartagen XT virtually eliminates vasculogenic etiology trouble.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction with Spartagen XT is safe, effective, simple, accessible, fast-acting and long-lasting effect. ED therapy can be divided by the safety, effects and the risk of side effects in three groups.

Spartagen XT promotes relaxation

Oral therapy of ED with Spartagen XT is for their high efficiency and safety of the method of choice for most patients with ED. Spartagen XT blocks the activity of the enzyme 5 phosphodiesterase (iPDE5) to promote relaxation of the cavernosal smooth muscle and favorably influence the hemodynamics of erection. IPDE5 effect is dependent on a good transfer of intact peripheral nervous system, on the presence of sufficient quantities of NO in tissue erectile bodies and response to sexual stimulation (visual, tactile, mental). Efficacy and safety of iPDE5 are determined by their molecular effect selectivity to phosphodiesterases, and other pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties.

Virtually the only absolute contraindication to the use of Spartagen XT is for the treatment of ED concomitant nitrates for the possibility of potentiation vasodilator effect and risk of fatal hypotension. Coadministration with this male enhancement supplement is safe. Patients receiving long-term nitrates can be seamlessly transferred to this supplement. Greater attention should be given when prescribing Spartagen XT to patients with higher risk for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, severe liver or renal disease, and neurological disease. Selecting the appropriate preparation is completely determined individually taking into account the nature of the sexual life of the patient and his preferences.

Due to the fact that the onset of effects is practically identical (12 to 16 minutes), and its effectiveness varies by affecting the absorption of fat meal and duration of action of the supplement. The effect of this supplement keeps up for between 4-5 hours. Many men prefer this supplement, while the use of which may not sex plan, thus the treatment effect close to the natural state when they have sex in certain situations, they just need a tuning partner. It provides a regular male sex added advantage of daily use of smaller doses, thereby the feeling of sexual spontaneity. Sufficient effect of the treatment of ED using Spartagen XT can be based on clinical trials, observed in about 80% of all patients.

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