Is DermaFi New Scam?

Do you feel that your skin is greyish, strangely bland and without natural luster? Using all sorts of expensive skin preparations, but the final effect is still not appeared? The cause is possibly elsewhere, namely in the environment in which we live. A study from 2010 shows a comparison of the skin of two groups of women the same age category, one group living in the country, the second in the city. And the result? About 22% more wrinkles and hyper pigmentation among women living in the city, and it is due to the polluted environment. How would this comparison you fared?


When it is possible to skip a day, do evening makeup before going to bed to wipe your face with a clean towel. Definitely, it will not do clean. And that’s just the result of polluted air, which has a significant impact on our skin, whether it’s unpleasant feelings of tension, dry skin, clogged pores, inflammation, irritation, or the equally popular premature skin aging. All this may reflect not only on the skin, but the skin on his neck and hands. The skin loses healthy and natural gloss, matt and dull though. For more beautiful and healthy-looking skin, try DERMAFI and your skin with it will be much better.

With the passing time, is slowing down the process of cell division and compensation that occurs throughout life, and so begins a gradual deterioration of body systems. The consequence of aging includes the decline of organ and joint function, loss of elasticity of blood vessels, skin, tendons and ligaments. Your body needs good nutrition and hydration. Be sure also to adequate intake of iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamins C, A and E.

DERMAFI, a truly luxurious facial serum

Beauty products that promise them your skin never gets old, or perhaps even rejuvenation, are among the most expensive on the shelves of drugstores and luxury perfumeries. In doing so, their “know-how” derive only from nature. To do this, but manufacturers never forget to add a little overpriced cups of that chemistry. Aging is a natural process which unfortunately can not be stopped. But it is never too late to change the perspective and approach to yourself and your health.

When I wondered what they pay in the next episode sets of domestic production of cosmetics, I knew immediately that one of the products is just one of the “elixir of youth”, but this time, all 100% natural. DERMAFI is a truly luxurious facial anti-aging serum. Why do I call this a luxury serum? It contains argan oil, and it is a true treasure of nature. In addition to serum contains argan oil and almond oil, which is excellent for facial skin.

Product ingredients

DERMAFI is not without reason called “the Moroccan gold” has been used for years for the beautification of the skin and maintains a youthful appearance. Its price is not the lowest, in this case, but the investment really pays off. It contains essential fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic acid), phenols, carotenes, plant sterols, vitamin E and acid felurovou. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps to keep skin supple, protects cells from damage and helps the healing process. Felurova acid is also an antioxidant, it is even considered as a fighter against cancerous growths.

DERMAFI is known as a natural elixir of youth, is also attributed to the miraculous creams while smoothing wrinkles and their prevention. Indeed protects cells against external influences that could harm them. Contained antioxidants and restore already damaged cell walls, and thus keep the skin ‘refresh’.

DERMAFI for eye skin care

Therefore, now we will focus mainly on those properties that appreciated at facial serum. It is a known fact that gives the skin a healthy youthful appearance. But what does it mean? First, it has the ability to lighten the skin, to give it the right tone. It proved itself as an “eraser” of dark circles under the eyes. People who currently suffer from them, the area under the eyes, it can fight directly and leave it for the night, or it can be mixed with honey and create effective beauty mask. As our skin ages, cells slowly lose their ability to retain moisture, then face starts to look tired and dry. It helps alleviate this process and maintains the cells or cell walls, in shape. The mixture of these two beneficial things forms the basis for facial serum. Furthermore, vitamin E supplement will extend the life of the final product, and essential oils, this time with the scent of sandalwood and incense.

Essential oil with the scent of sandalwood, I chose it not only because of its beautiful woody scent that gives the final product a touch of exclusivity, it has very positive effects on dry and mature skin. It helps blood circulation of the skin to deliver a fresh appearance.

DERMAFI helps fight with pollution on skin

If you live in a larger city, your skin should take more attention and care about it, do not neglect. On the skin condition can have a significant impact indoor environment – there is situated secondhand smoke, dust mites, mold, animal dander, soot from fireplaces and stoves, air fresheners and various chemical sprays, including hair spray, furniture polishes and perfumes. How to fight it? Apply DERMAFI some times in a day. The external environment of course also greatly pollutes our skin. These effects relate mainly to free radicals causing oxidation of the skin. These include in particular smog, dust, dirt, exhaust gases, ozone, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide from combustion or toxic metals such as mercury and lead. DERMAFI fight free radicals then seduces antioxidants.

The first step is to thoroughly remove residual makeup, dirt, excess sebum and chemicals they have during the day and came into contact. Then it is advisable to repeat everything again. You can be sure that you remove all of the skin surface dirt and thoroughly cleaned skin. DERMAFI frees clogged pores causing pimples and inflammation. If you have pimples and sores on the face, chin and nose, it is a clear sign that your skin can not breathe and it is therefore necessary to think about a more thorough cleaning with DERMAFI.

Magical incantation: DERMAFI

Removing dirt, dead skin cells and debris is essential in skincare, the more polluted environments. Carry out regular gentle peeling the skin with DERMAFI at least once a week. You will see how your skin shine and blood circulation. But be careful, do not do too aggressive unnecessary use of force or frequent abrasion of the skin, your skin is very soft. A bright and glossy appearance without scales will thank also the skin of the body during their routine care, therefore, do not skip DERMAFI.

Miraculous DERMAFI, full of antioxidants helps you find the free radicals in the body and eliminate the consequences of their negative effects. They can take internally in the form of supplements or from outside – the top layer of skin fight free radicals with DERMAFI enriched with antioxidants. It helps neutralize the harmful influence of polluted environment on the body and therefore your skin. Besides the aforementioned content of antioxidants and other nutrients help create high-quality cream protective barrier between your skin and the environment, thus preventing greater penetration of undesirable substances into the skin.

Whether it sounds impossibly however, your skin will benefit most from DERMAFI when during the morning and evening rush avoid environmental pollution. In a nutshell, the more cars on the road, the more pollution you expose your skin.

DERMAFI helps fight against UV rays

Yes, we know it is summer or you’re on vacation at the seaside, but the rays are dangerous for skin anytime, not just during the summer holidays, but also in winter. Even the force of the first spring rays can be fatal on your skin literally. DERMAFI is to protect skin from UV rays. When you go to the mountains, be sure to apply a thin layer of DERMAFI under your daily make-up.

By every day facing contaminants to skin can stress the skin, increasing its sensitivity and cause premature aging. Thanks to revolutionary advances in the field of skin care cosmetic products DERMAFI helps prevent the occurrence of unwanted wrinkles and skin discoloration. It is designed to help protect and improve the skin that will look fresh and flawless.

DERMAFI guaranteeing flawless skin in just 3 steps

Step 1: DERMAFI nourishes the skin with moisturizing ingredients and argan oil, thus preparing the skin for optimal application of makeup. As an excellent antioxidant helps protect against contaminants. In addition, optical pigments smooth fine lines and hidden pores. Due to prolonged effect and breathable composition can be used alone for radiant skin effect or under makeup for longer battery life.

Step 2: Up to 24 hours of makeup unifies the complexion for perfect, natural-looking coverage with SPF 18th silky smooth formula with triple protection complex visibly improves brightness, tone and overall appearance. Complex phospholipids, moisturizers and vitamin E protect the skin from environmental pollutants while providing up to 24 hour hydration.


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