Cognizera Review:-The brain (encephalon) is the principal organ of the nervous system that controls it. The brain is a soft, grayish with numerous folds. It looks like a sea sponge. It weighs about 1.5 kg. It is composed of two hemispheres – the left and right hemispheres. These are interconnected via nerve fibers. On the cross-section of the brain, it can be observed a bright white and gray matter. The brain was divided into separate parts – the rear and middle forebrain, then individual brain ventricles and spinal cord. The basic structural and functional unit of the brain consists of nerve cells – neurons.
The memory is an integral part and the general properties of the nervous system. It has the ability to instill and preserve a reflection of reality. Memory is generally a prerequisite to learning, both in the narrower sense (the process of acquiring the skills, habits, knowledge and know-how) and in a broader sense (gaining experience and any changes in behavior). Memory can be divided into short and long term. The brain controls the entire body. Through brain think, we feel, remember and forget. Neural pathways that extend from the brain gradually continue throughout the body and manage all activities. The current function of the brain is processing information coming out of the body from the external environment. Each part of the brain has a specific function. Memory mainly functions as learning – each person acquires knowledge, skills, habits or behaviors and personality traits.

Cognizera, a multivitamin and multi-mineral brain supplement

Cognizera is also a multivitamin and multi-mineral brain supplement improves cognitive function after several weeks of use. For male patients taking high doses of the B-complex, for example to improve performance for tasks focused on cognitive function. These men were also less mentally tired and have more energy. For women taking multivitamin and multi-mineral preparations then increased accuracy and speed in carrying out multiple tasks at once. These findings are among the other evidence showing that the use of multivitamin brain supplement for humans is demonstrably beneficial.

Cognizera improves cognitive function

Cognizera improves cognitive function, the mental processes involving the ability to learn new things, intuition, judgment, language skills and memory. Dementia is characterized by loss or reducing these mental abilities, especially memory. It is caused by many factors, including diseases that lead to cell damage. A healthy adult brain has billions of brain cells, or neurons with long branched filaments interconnected in trillions points (synapses). This way information flow in the form of fine chemically induced pulses sent neurons to target cells. Brains are still ongoing signals of varying intensity and forms, creating cellular basis of memory and thinking skills. Dementia deteriorates the transfer of information because the number of synapses decreases and brain cells. Dementia is a natural part of the process of aging, which begins at birth.

Cognizera ingredients

Prevention of maintaining cognitive skills is today in the forefront of people, mainly aged 30-60 years. It can cause them to use Cognizera. The effect of this smart drug is still being investigated to further extent. Cognizera ingredients were attributed to improvements in cognitive function: cocoa, L-tyrosine, Curcumin, DHA, L-carnitine, L-theanine, L-tyrosine, phosphatidylserine, pomegranate, turmeric, vitamin D, vitamin E. Most leading drugs like Cognizera for mental health have included DHA, one of the omega-3 fatty acids, which together with EPA, is recognized to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Meanwhile, although researchers acknowledged the influence of Cognizera on mental health sufficiently demonstrated, but the effect was shown in many studies. In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, it is stated that the improvement of logical thinking and working memory in people 35-54 years is reflected in the elevated levels of Cognizera in the blood, but not an increase in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) or EPA.

How Cognizera affects cognitive processes?

In a study published in the American J. of Clinical Nutrition, Cognizera after 8 weeks of boys at the age of 8-10 years showed changes focus activation in the cortex during steady maintenance attention. Cognizera cause DHA in the erythrocyte membrane increased, which positively correlated with activation of the dorsolateral front of the cerebral cortex and inversely with the reaction time. Other substances in Cognizera have effects on the brain, L-carnitine is an essential ingredient and nutrient contained naturally in the body and some foods, which is necessary for the transfer of fatty acids with long chain in mitochondria where it is cleaved and transform energy. Due to this feature it is not surprising that L-carnitine has relation with mental health. Phosphatidylserine (PS) – natural phospholipid contained in the brain is recognized as a significant part of the membranes of brain cells and appears to play a role in slowing or reversing to some cognitive processes associated with aging (improving short-term memory, learning ability of new cases). However, the Cognizera considers the effect of phosphatidylserine been sufficiently demonstrated.


A research on Cognizera

Cognizera also has been associated with the ability of thinking. The review study published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Journal to assess Cognizera supplementation in case of very low income to be justified with regard to development and brain function. These findings were confirmed by studies in University of Cambridge, which were compared mental capacity of 1700 people aged over 65 years, depending on the level of vitamin A, as well as studies conducted at the University of Cambridge with 3100 people aged 40-79 years from different countries. In diseases of the brain, there are particularly serious infections – meningitis, Alzheimer’s disease (degenerative brain disease), Parkinson’s disease (movement disorder), multiple sclerosis (degenerative nerve diseases), cerebral stroke (cerebral hemorrhage), migraine (intense pain caused by impaired blood supply) and epilepsy (seizures accompanied by convulsions or loss of consciousness) in connection with a memory for areas of forgetting or too forgetfulness. Forgetting is actually a gradual disintegration of nervous connections.

How to treat brain, memory with Cognizera supplement

Meningitis or meningitis is divided into festering and non-pyogenic and its distribution is also important for specific appropriate treatment, always under the supervision of a physician in a specialized department. Alzheimer’s disease is treated with Cognizera, but this method is always very effective. It is also possible to use a substance containing free oxygen radicals or retinol. Disease progression of Parkinson’s disease can only be mitigated, because it has not found a drug that would cure it completely. The most frequently used drug called Cognizera. Multiple sclerosis is an incurable disease, a genetic predisposition are especially. Migraines can be treated with painkillers pain medication along with Cognizera. In the treatment of epilepsy are important regime measures and further administration of smart drugs. For forgetfulness is primarily important to keep in mind that the only significant event is suitable digging into memory. Even when performing daily duties should be aware of the meaning of the activity. Furthermore, it is necessary to oxygenate the brain, for better performance. Cognizera is a method of alternating oxygen retention. The brain is then better blood flow and thus better oxygenated.

Cognizera fulfilled all nutritional needs

Looking around us, we see that the majority of the population now has some health problems while living under constant pressure, under fire from the outside impulses that constantly stimulate our brains to activity. Overwork and exhaustion of the brain are closely related. Simply put “stress harms us” modern diseases are caused extreme emotional disturbance. Private problems, work problems, financial situation, learning, education of offspring – all of our brain employs fullest. We respond often exasperated and at lower concentrations. We may even encounter opinions that our brain is built around two hours of intense activity, concentration daily. If you exceed this limit, and we know today that the brain normally uses 12 to 16 hours a day, obviously it on our body and psyche must show. Exhausted and tired brains struggle to hormones stimulates good mood (serotonin) and good sleep hormone (melatonin). Our brain is obviously “not going to air” to his “work” needs essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. The brain simply uses certain nutrients, which it then simply missing. Here Cognizera fulfill all brain nutritional needs.

How Cognizera controls extreme emotional disturbance

Simply put “stress harms us” modern diseases are caused by extreme emotional disturbance. Results of food analyze show that nutrients that the brain needs, dropped to 5-10% than it was 40 years ago. To feel better and get all these nutrients, use daily one capsule of Cognizera. Today minerals decreases generally in the soil where they grow food. Adding to the policy of supermarket chains, the pressure on the low purchase prices, “cultivation” of crops on artificial moss (crop does not come in contact with the ground), the result is clear – deficiency of these nutrients is obvious. Which are mainly nutrients? Primarily I recommend sticking Cognizera doses. Each of us lives a different life and uses his head differently. Other dosage needs to manually working man and another man sitting all day at a laptop or a phone glued to his ear. Generally, physically working people have better mood, immunity, sleep than people working mentally including regeneration, as we have proven in athletes with vastly different types of occupations.

Cognizera fulfills energy needs of brain

What nutrients therefore focus on? The brain needs a primary energy from simple sugars. If you need to you it burned, give you before the event, the meeting rather than fruits and rice sausage, sausage or hamburger. Your mental capacity will be fundamentally different. Other “catalysts” of brain processes, which are generally in deficit, include Cognizera – daily dose should not drop below 15 mg. Women have if menses should add another 10 mg, to compensate the loss of blood. Furthermore, there are a range of B vitamins, especially B1, 6 and 12. However, here we face the problem of absorption of vitamin B12, which is extremely important for the brain. The only functional application is therefore intramuscular, which do not always meet with understanding the client. We encounter the response, “But it is not natural.” No it is not.

The dose of Cognizera

Cognizera promotes the production of serotonin and melatonin. If you suffer from constant taste for chocolate, you believe that you have a need for Cognizera. Chocolate contains small amounts of amino acids and the brain’s “feel” and makes it clear just flavor to this tasted. Cognizera supplementation with chocolate, however, recommends that you have not had in a few months, two hundred kilos. And how does this dispense probably the most important nutrient for the brain? Dosage of Cognizera is the first 4 days of 1000 mg and 1000 mg in the morning before going to sleep, after this phase is usually sufficient to 200 m in the morning and 200-400 mg at bedtime. The brain does not need a course only those nutrients.

Cognizera maintains brain oxygen supply

The brain represents approximately 2% of the weight of the human body. Yet consumes 20% of the total body oxygen consumption and the flow through it 15% of blood volume per minute. Brain while 50% of the oxygen extracted from the blood that passes through it. All oxygen is metabolized to carbon dioxide, which is again dissolved in the blood and discharged to the lungs. The brain, of course, as well as other tissues, is not able to store oxygen supply, so it is on the constant oxygenation of oxygen-rich blood completely dependent. Without a supply of Cognizera, it is capable of surviving neurons in normal human body temperature of only about 5 minutes, if the brain hypothermia is prolonged. Lower than the normal Cognizera dose, in fact causes slowing of metabolism, which leads to lower oxygen demand. All tissues used as the energy source ATP, adenosine triphosphate, which releases one phosphate to produce energy and conversion of them. Cognizera metabolizes the nutrients used as an energy source, and that is directly used by cells for its energy requirements. Cognizera in the cells, however, only does the operation for a maximum of 2 seconds. Therefore must constantly metabolism, nutrient supplement.

The price and package

One bottle of Cognizera has 30 capsules, one for every day. For one month supply, its price is $139.97.


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