Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) Review

Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD): Cannabis plants produce a unique compound called cannabinoids, which produce “effects” experienced by marijuana users. Two most commonly produced cannabinoids are CBD and THC, but only THC is psychoactive.

Pharmacological effects of Cannabidiol CBD are not same and often conflicting to THC. Number of issued researches on CDB has increased considerably in recent years. They support idea that Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) has a range of likely therapeutic results; among these theories, antipsychotic and anxiolytic properties stand fout. Anxiolytic results of this oil are actually same to those drugs approved to treat anxiety. Although their useful dose has not been clearly found and means underlying these results are not completely understood.

Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) – A nutritional supplement

It is an excellent source of high quality nutrients, and its usage has a big history in Eastern society as a natural remedy. Although popular among Western people, its use has been hampered by its association with marijuana because it belongs to same family – cannabis. And even if Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) is almost totally free of THC, hemp is considered taboo by many. Fortunately, however, education has prevailed, and hemp seed oil market has grown both in US and in Europe as demand has increased due to announcement of its health benefits.

Most well known benefits of Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD)

1) Good for cardio-logical health – It has a 3: 1 relation of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids respectively, a balance considered ideal for helping heart health and cardiovascular function.

2) Skin, hair and nail health help – It has been used in formulas for skin care, and for other good reasons. Studies have announced that its oil prevents dehydration of skin by relieving irritation and itching. In addition, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects can fight aging procedure while relieving skin.

3) Excellent nutritional product for brain – Among fatty acids it also has docosahexaenoic acid, which is necessary for development of brain. DHA is critical for brain health and also to eye retina, particularly in early years of life. Pregnant women receiving a Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) supplement can provide more protection to baby’s brain and eyes.

4) It has zero mercury acid – Fish oil can be an excellent approach to raise level of omega-3 fatty acid in our diet. It is an essential nutrient for brain growth, health of immune system and behavior control. Mothers in pregnancy wish to include this nutrient in their diets. However, fish has a large amount of mercury that can mask neurological problems and developmental mechanism of baby. Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) certainly works with an excellent alternative to omega-3 supplement and does not carry risk of ingesting mercury.

5) Immune system support – Essential fatty acids of this oil are considered to normalize intestinal flora and promote support for immune system responses. This can be useful in flu and cold seasons when viruses appear in schools, at work or in social interactions.

What are first reported cases of Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) use in humans?

In a study carried out at Paulista School of Medicine in 1980 evaluated effect of this oil in 15 individuals with temporal focal epilepsy with secondary generalization. For 4 months, 8 of these received 200 to 300 mg of Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) and others received placebo. Four of individuals who received this oil were free of seizures, 3 improved and in 1 substance did not modify epileptic seizures. 7 subjects who received placebo had their attacks unchanged.

Is it really effective for treating epileptic seizures?

There is no conclusion to date on efficacy of this oil in treatment of epilepsy. There are some reports of studies with few patients with satisfactory results. However, studies with a greater number of patients are necessary for an adequate evaluation of therapeutic efficacy of this substance in short and long term. Currently a study (clinical trial) is being conducted in children with epilepsy refractory to drug treatment in US, but results have not yet been released.

In 2013, FDA approved therapeutic use of Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) in research for treatment of refractory epilepsy in children in United States. One group from University of California and another from New York University School of Medicine received authorization to begin their research.

Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) – A non- psychoactive supplement

Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) (CBD) is a natural botanic concentrated substance that has been extracted from hemp plants with high concentrations of CBD and low THC. Using a special extraction procedure, scientists are able to produce oil with a unique concentration of CBD. It is non-psychoactive, which gives customers opportunity to benefit from all natural properties of cannabis without experiencing any euphoric state.

Studies on this oil are extensive and research continues to examine natural health benefits of compounds.

It interacts with body through Endocannabinoid System (SEC). Discovered by scientists in late eighties, this system is responsible for regulating many of physiological processes of body. Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) works constantly to regulate various functions, some of which include sleep, pain, immune system response, inflammation control, mood and appetite. SEC is made up of millions of receptors scattered throughout brain, central nervous system and autoimmune system. This oil interacts directly with these receptors to simulate this system and help mediate body’s functions.

Where does Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) come from?

It is extracted from plant in a special way without use of irritating solvents. Then it undergoes a rigorous triple lab testing process to verify its quality and potency and ensure that it is free of contaminants.

Almost all of CBD oil products that are on market in other countries contain other natural plant compounds, including small amounts of THC. That’s why; it causes users a psychoactive state. Our researchers were able to isolate CBD inside hemp oil, completely eliminating THC, so only this product contain zero THC, making them unique in its class. Because Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD) does not contain any THC, so, it is ideal for people of all ages, including young children.

Where to order pure Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol CBD)?

It is a specially processed product, so it is never good to rely on products available in open market. To get full quality, it is highly recommended to order it from its official site.

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