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Bel Air Skin Science Review

Bel Air Skin Science is powder to use for first aid that helps tightening of swollen up skin cells. This is used to take care of a variety of skin issues, particularly in a number of cases of skin allergy in addition to rashes, blisters, and athlete’s foot. It is a famous drug that makes contraction of canals and tissues in body. It is available in powder form in addition to in a gel tube.

What is Bel Air Skin Science relaxing soak?

Bel Air Skin Science is a powdered drug that is applied to treat a range of skin issues. Mr. August Burow, an anatomist and surgeon, created a solution for treatments of inflammation and itching of small skin issues. It is also called and available in market with name of Burrow’s solution. Bel Air Skin Science is created according to Borow’s solution.

It is extensively used for several skin physical issues caused due to:

  • Plant rashes – Certain plants can give rise to severe red rash and itching, in addition to swelling. It is usually caused by physical contact to plants like oak, sumac, or poison ivy.
  • Jewelry allergy – It is a form of skin itching and inflammation caused by regular use of jewelry coated with nickel.
  • Soaps and surface cleaners – Regular contacts with soap and cleaning agents can give rise to severe allergy reaction with skin. This powered is used to cure this allergic reaction also.
  • It is also applied to cure athlete’s foot burn in addition to relieve general skin itching.

What is Bel Air Skin Science gel?

Bel Air Skin Science is also available in gel form which has same effects like Bel Air Skin Science powder. A great benefit of this Gel is that you need not to have to try through process to mix it with water. It is a hands-free gel tube in order that you can use it at house or at same time as you are in travel or at work.

Bel Air Skin Science is now a trusted product of physicians for over a half century for skin treatments.

Benefits of Bel Air Skin Science

On spot solution for several skin issues – Bel Air Skin Science is efficient for skin itching in addition to skin rashes for example oak, sumac, or poison ivy. This is also beneficial for insect bite such as mosquito, chigger, bed bug, spider, and bee bite, in addition to treat allergy reaction and contact skin inflammation because of jewelry, surface cleaning agents, and other general items.

Heal red-hot spots and rashes – Bel Air Skin Science provides quick relief for itchy condition by visible healing for rash, reducing red-hot skin, drying out rashes, and decreasing blistering.

Available in gel powder and hand free tube form – Gel tube can be used any time and any where.

Available everywhere – Bel Air Skin Science is mostly available in every retail pharmacy and it can also be order online in e-stores. You don’t need to have a physician’s recommendation to purchase.

Not a very harsh and fast chemical – It’s not a very harsh and fast chemical. Only never swallow it and prevent it from open eye. It can be applied by people of every age.

When Bel Air Skin Science is indicated?

It is a preparation or formula that is used when there may be various conditions on skin. It can be dispensed in pharmacy but to do so, a prescription is necessary.

It is indicated in many processes that occur in skin and of different severity. They are usually inflammatory skin problems. It is also usually recommended when in addition to this inflammation area of ​​skin to be treated is infected or there is a possibility that it can become infected.

Indications of Bel Air Skin Science can be very diverse conditions such as:

  • Injury or injury to skin,
  • Various processes of dermatitis or inflammation in skin such as diaper dermatitis, eczema or erythema.
  • Rash, allergies, insect bites, superficial bruises as a result of a stroke
  • Also in case of phlebitis or inflammation of one or several veins. Often phlebitis is associated with appearance of varicose veins, so that it is often applied to ankles or legs near where these varicose veins have arisen and have led to phlebitis.
  • It is usually recommended in case of balanitis. It is a condition that can worry men because it is a itching or redness of penis. Cause of this condition is usually very diverse, from lack of hygiene, allergy to some preservative, bacterial or viral infection, etc. In any case Acute, Bel Air Skin Science can be very useful and sometimes it is only medicine necessary to solve it.

How to use Bel Air Skin Science?

If your doctor or dermatologist has prescribed Bel Air Skin Science, you should know that you have been prescribed a specific solution depending on dilution shown in recipe.

That is to say: although it is a standard formula. This formulation is never used directly, and you should get prepared it from your pharmacy to use it according to indication.

Due to its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties in superficial areas, it is usually used at a dilution of 5 to 30% in water. Due to its vasoconstricting action and applying as a compress, a 10% dilution in water must be made. In this way, it is formed to form a protective layer of inflamed skin and mucosa. As a general rule, it is usually used to moisten cold compresses impregnated with Bel Air Skin Science on affected area.

Side effects of Bel Air Skin Science

No side effects or adverse effects have been reported from using Bel Air Skin Science.

In some patients a slight local irritation has been observed, which disappears when master formula is no longer used.

Contraindications of Bel Air Skin Science

It is not to be used if a known hypersensitivity has been seen. Nor should it be used in otitis if there is tympanic perforation.

In cases of pregnancy and lactation in principle, it can be used interchangeably. However, it is best to tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby.

Where to buy Bel Air Skin Science?

It is currently considered a drug, so only place you can buy it is at an accredited health center or facility (pharmacy hospitals and pharmacies). In case of purchase in a pharmacy it is necessary existence of a prescription for dispensing.

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