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Let’s look at one of the most powerful and safe while natural stimulant, which is mainly used to increase muscle mass. This natural substance is known as Alpha Peak. Behind this simple acronym hides a little heavier called “beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate.”

Alpha PEAK


Alpha Peak is a powerful natural stimulant and safe!

Alpha Peak has a role in protein synthesis and is produced in small amounts in the muscle cell as a product of the metabolism of one of the essential amino acids L-leucine. To do with body Alpha Peak helps great, it is necessary to use a considerable amount of the amino acid L-leucine (however obtained only about 5% of Alpha Peak) for the production of the substance, or better still deliver the desired amount of Alpha Peak directly.

The normal diet HMB is found in fish flesh or grapefruit, but this amount is almost negligible and for the active athletes, it is very weak. For these reasons, we choose Alpha Peak supplement. Alpha Peak plays an important role in food intended specifically for fitness.

Athletes seek these reasons with Alpha Peak:

  • To prevent muscle breakdown
  • To promote muscle growth
  • Contribute to a faster recovery
  • To enhance the immune system during exercise
  • For positive regulation of cholesterol
  • To increase the absolute muscle strength
  • For promoting fat loss

Alpha Peak is designed for anyone who wants despite reduced calorie intake to maintain muscle mass, regardless of whether it is a beginner or a professional athlete. At the beginning of athletes also protects muscles against negative catabolic effects of cortisol, which is produced more, because the body is not yet ready for the increased load.

Alpha Peak and dosing

Each tablet contains 400 mg of Alpha Peak Ca (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, calcium), the recommended dose is 800 mg (2 capsules), but most studies on Alpha Peak found that 3000 mg of Alpha Peak brings maximum results, but increasing dose of longer do not improve.

Supplement should be taken at regular cycles, about one month, followed by equally long break. Since Alpha Peak has a relatively short lifetime, it is advisable to divide the dose into 3-4 smaller doses per day. Alpha Peak is recommended to use even on days without training. When using it were no side effects. For your safety and excellent results use it definitely deserves your attention.

Now a little math! A number of scientific studies and tests came equation which says that when taking 300 g of Alpha Peak for three weeks of intense exercise were up to 3 times greater gains in muscle mass and 2x greater increase in muscle strength compared trainings without Alpha Peak.

300 g per day + 3 weeks of intensive training = 3x + 2x muscle gain greater strength gains

How do you improve?

Despite all the great results can be effects of Alpha Peak upgrade. In connection with training load and concomitant administration of creatine (Creatine Monohydrate 100%), the efficiency is increased and leads to building up quality muscle. Thereafter the dose of creatine and adds Alpha Peak about 30 – 60 minutes before training. It is appropriate to supplement whey protein and arginine to be due to the increased blood flow reached substance muscle.

Many athletes – and I would say that most of them – addresses only the after-training nutrition. Giving a post-workout protein shake, a few capsules of Alpha Peak and with a little luck and some of those sugars (which are disappearing nowadays demonization of carbohydrates and sugars Gainer). Those “smarter” drink different beverages already in training, but do not look too often composition, main is obviously that it tasted and had a sticker fitness ( bodybuilding). The rest does not matter anymore. But Alpha Peak post-workout supplement is only half a success.

Do you really know the main objective of the training?

We’re talking about nutrition, but there is little return. What is the main objective of the training? Give your body a big boost to adapt and improve. And there is a large error. Athletes often considered a strong impetus tired and strained muscles. “After training, squats can not walk, it was a workout!” or “Out of your training I’m completely knackered, cool!” However, although certain correlation between main muscles and impetus for improving it, this is only a minor factor.

The main determinant of improvement (increase in muscle mass and strength) is the size and amount of time to muscle tension. If you can do more reps per workout with a higher weight, eventually you will be able to train more often, it is the pulse! The proper amount of training with sufficient intensity (in terms of weight dumbbells) is the key to improvement.

If you are often sore after workouts, maybe you are improving, but not to limit its potential. If you frequently suffer from muscular pain, you can not train with such frequency that would be appropriate. Regenerate body can not handle the load, which Alpha Peak gives.

Alpha PEAK

Delivery of appropriate materials before training

Train smart – I’m not moving beyond the pain, but after a sufficient volume of training and muscle tension and promote regeneration by all possible means. Now let us return to training nutrition. Logical and scientifically proven approach is to prepare the body to load before training. We use Alpha Peak for necessary energy to perform the required volume of training with sufficient intensity. It prepares your body for maximum basis after-training recovery, protein synthesis and other anabolic processes.

Supply the body with suitable materials before training (or even during it) is much better than it fits and starts to cram everything in post-workout cocktail.

And what products to use before training?

Alpha Peak is a pre-workout product designed to maximize the power output, pump up muscles and increase training intensity. It will help you maximize your efforts that you insert into training. Your workouts will really be worth it!

The key ingredients of Alpha Peak:

Pre-workout booster, Alpha Peak contains a mix of following popular and frequently used substances, especially for power athletes and bodybuilders.

  • 5 g stimulants of nitric oxide production – mix consisting of 3 g of arginine and 2 g AKG citrulline malate. Higher level of nitrogen increases blood flow to the muscle and increases the pumping muscle and thus accelerates recovery. The mix of citrulline malate and arginine AKG is more useful in increasing the pumping and endurance than that of arginine AKG itself.
  • 3 g of creatine monohydrate, Crea-Trona, extra pure creatine for higher power and accelerate muscle development. Crea-Trona is completely absorbed and will not create water retention. It is ideal for gaining strength and big muscles.
  • 2 g of BCAA in the ratio 2: 1: 1 – these branched amino acid plays a essential role in muscle building and its protection against degradation, which occurs during intense training.
  • 2 g beta-alanine – silencer lactic acid which lowers muscle fatigue. Improves muscle regeneration power athletes, stimulates blood flow in the muscles and increases endurance.
  • 1.5 grams of taurine – an amino acid stimulates the flushing out lactic acid and increases endurance and power athletes.
  • 1.8 g of the stimulus and energizing substances – mix consisting of 100 mg of Guarana, 100 mg theobromine and 50 mg of tyrosine. These substances are used in the body workout by increasing attention, response time and attention and help to delay fatigue.

The results are great with Alpha Peak, a very powerful pre-workout sports nutrition supplement, which is appreciate by all athletes wanting in their practice serving the maximum performance and achieve the highest possible muscle growth.

Alpha Peak, How does it work?

The product mix includes several synergistically acting compounds with the same goal – to kick properly and increase the amount of energy that you can take. The nitric oxide stimulates the central nervous system and heart function. Suppresses fatigue and promotes mental alertness. During training supports higher performance and increased physical activity also increases the body’s energy expenditure.

Synephrine is located in the cortex of Citrus aurantium (frequently labeled as wild or bitter orange) and is a strong stimulant similar to nitric oxide needs to be more familiar. It has a great ability to increase energy expenditure through thermogenesis – the heating. During training, so the body turns into a fat burning machine excited and serving the high performance needed to increase strength and muscle mass.

Creatine monohydrate is considered a healing with wide-ranging effects. It causes extinction and is now considered endangered. Not surprisingly, the effects are truly numerous. Among the most frequent states action against stress and depression, cardioprotective effect, improving immunity, enhance athletic performance, improve mental function, improving sexual function, regulation of blood sugar, liver protection or antioxidant effect.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and its positive effects on immunity and health are well-known, so it is very popular among athletes and was also used in pre-training preparation Alpha Peak. Crea-Trona is a carbohydrate which improves memory, concentration and reducing fatigue.

BCAA does not only help improve performance and strength due to long-term increase in stocks of carnosine in muscles, in the short term but also acts as a neurotransmitter. Thus, in the short term energizes and stimulates long-term increase performance and strength.

Mix of the above materials in Alpha Peak gives the body strength and energy into challenging workout and improves subsequent recovery, exactly what you expect from Alpha Peak supplement.

The price and package

One bottle of Alpha Peak has 60 capsules and the price packages are as follows:

  • 7 Bottles – $197
  • 5 Bottles – $147
  • 3 Bottles – $97
  • 1 Bottle – $47

The main use is from intense training. It brings great benefits but also during the day in case of energy shortages or increase output, if you’re dieting. It is not recommended conversely after taking this supplement going to bed for several hours – because of its strong action could disrupt sleep.

What Alpha Peak combines? It is very effective as the combination of anabolizer and protein Whey Hydrovon. Anabolizer provide the body with additional strong anabolic agents and hydrolyzed whey protein ensures rapidly absorbable protein necessary for the regeneration and growth of muscle mass and strength.

Alpha Peak, a source of special proteins

It offers all users the highest quality. It can be used with the milk, in which forms the main protein component. Thanks to its unique characteristics that distinguish it from other proteins found in milk and other products, its protein is very popular and between power athletes makers who seek to increase muscle mass. It is digested by the human organism is very slow due to this machine continuously supply muscles (for up to 7 hours).

The nighttime protein perfectly combines gradually. The protein synthesis in the muscles is thus received, by up to 7 hours! So if you want to keep your muscles from lovable growth, anytime you’re a prolonged period without reception quality protein (for example, via a day on the road or at night when you sleep), Alpha Peak is the perfect choice.

How Alpha Peak dose?

The main domain of this supplement is a slow relieving amino acids into the blood circulation when you share the interval between meals, use before bedtime is an obvious choice. 1 capsule of the product each day before bedtime glued regeneration and protein synthesis in muscle. For further possibility, use the product through the day whenever you want to ensure long-term supply muscles with amino acids. Reception is sufficient protein for strength athletes must, therefore, it definitely works.

If you like you are taking a tanning quality; you can very effectively be combined it with other protein supplements. Very example is its combination with anabolizer and post-workout whey protein hydrovon. Anabolizer provides bases for effective training and hydrolyzed whey protein Hydrovon ensure fast absorption of proteins necessary for the regeneration and the subsequent adaptation of the form at a higher strength and muscle mass.

Alpha PEAK

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