Jacked Muscle Extreme ” VS ” MUSCLE XTREME In United Kingdom ( UK )?


Another new food supplement entered the Brazilian market in recent months: the Muscle Xtreme. And once again, there comes doubt: the product is really good or is it just one more product with more propaganda than results?

In forums, some users show with questions about the product, others say it is more bullshit, and finally others say they have used and have had some good results, but nothing completely extraordinary. Already the media promises that the product will turn it on Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, and on the official website, there are those dubious testimonies of people who may or may not exist.

The product also has been profiled in some TV stations in health and fitness programs, however, the material was always focused on the launch of the product in the Brazilian market, and with little information about their actual results.

What Muscle Xtreme promises?

According to the official website, the supplement has scientific evidence on:

  • Aid muscle mass growth
  • Increasing and improving resistance
  • Increased provision and energy

There is no other way to answer that question but analyzing impartially product components compared to other renowned products from the market and investigating its origin. The product undoubtedly has an excellent composition, and basically it is a BCAA slightly improved. The BCAA’s help mainly in fat loss by the body and is important for muscle toning and body definition, due to having mainly leucine and isoleucine. If you already have your BCAA preferably, and eventually want to test other, the Muscle Xtreme can be a good choice.

People who said they had better results with the product (not the testimony apparently false in the official product page), always mentioned that the effects did not appear in a short time, but it does have a substantial improvement in lean muscle mass, but not in time that promises the product (about 3 weeks).

Despite its composition, it is not possible to say for sure whether the Muscle Xtreme will work significantly for all, the point of the best are visible, especially by different types of metabolisms of each organism. This statement applies not only to the Muscle Xtreme, as for any other dietary supplement.

Muscle Xtreme: Ingredients


The leucine is an amino acid that plays an important role in the process of growth and regeneration of muscle tissue, particularly in wound healing, avoiding the crash of muscle protein that can occur after injury.


It is an amino acid forming part of the group of BCAA (branched amino acids chair), very important for protein synthesis and production of energy, and reduce the tendency of developing cardiovascular disease and / or type 2 diabetes.


It is an amino acid of the same family of leucine and isoleucine, which together make up 35% of the amino acids present in body protein.

The valine may be produced by the body and need to be ingested to it through foods or supplements. It is consumed very often by bodybuilders, together with leucine and isoleucine, with the leading pacing function of muscle growth, as well as showing beneficial effects in combating insomnia, and nervousness, to regulate the immune system and metabolism, decrease the tendency diseases of the liver and gall bladder and help maintain adequate levels of nitrogen in the body.

Vitamin B6 & Complex B

Vitamin B6 – also called pyridoxine – 8 is one of the vitamin B complex, which primarily assists in metabolizing fats and proteins, and the production of energy.

Benefits of Muscle Xtreme

With respect to this supplement, although this is generally used by men, it improves the balance in the production of estrogen and testosterone, as well as plays an important role in calcium metabolism and play in the prevention of osteoporosis, it also relates to the increase testosterone, but again all within the limits set by genetics of the individual.

Summarizing the foregoing, Muscle Xtreme increases the production of testosterone and promotes synthesis of GH in the body, having as main effects:

  • Increased muscle strength.
  • Muscle growth.
  • Reducing muscle fatigue
  • Combat muscle loss.
  • Accelerating muscle regeneration in post-workout
  • Mitigate or even eliminate cramps and muscle strains

How much of the supplements, Muscle Xtreme is intended only for the use of people who are training, and will have no noticeable effect for people who do not engage in physical exercise, especially because one of its strengths is ease muscle strains post-workout, which need not necessarily be of weight, so practitioners of martial arts, swimming, cycling, and other high performance sports may also have benefits with the use of the Muscle Xtreme.


Muscle Xtreme: Any side effects?

After all, Muscle Xtreme is dangerous or not?

The Muscle Xtreme is not a hormone or anabolic steroid, but a hormonal trigger. Marketing and consumption in Brazil are supported by the strict laws of Anvisa, thus there is no problem in its use in men and women since the amounts and recommended frequencies.

There is clear that, according to tests conducted with the product, it can be consumed even by people with diabetes and hypertension. The Muscle Xtreme not cause hirsutism (the increase in the body), voice thickening, sexual impotence, baldness, or any other special side effect of anabolic steroids, and unlike these, the sale does not require a prescription.

It is recommended to consume two capsules per day Muscle Xtreme, which should be preferably ingested before and after training. It hits the 500,000 sales mark in Portugal since its launch, much success paved the way for product imitations, versions with names like M-Drol, Somatodrox, and even an imitation using Muscle Xtreme own name flooded the market.

Muscle Xtreme helps in muscle recovery and growth

Muscle Xtreme acts as fuel for certain proteins, called enzymes, feed the chemical reactions that occur all the time in our body. It is very important to know that food cannot be exchanged for Muscle Xtreme; the body cannot absorb all ingredients. Muscle Xtreme aids in recovery and muscle growth, helps prevent injuries, and aids in the absorption of iron by the body, which promotes the circulation of oxygen, which in turn carries oxygen to the muscles, which in this way can work harder.

It helps in the breakdown of proteins into amino acids, which are responsible for building muscle tissue, plays an important role in glycogen storage, one of the forms of energy used by our body. It includes natural steroid assists in the absorption of calcium (which is very important in muscle contraction and maintaining bones and healthy and strong joints) and phosphorus (important in ATP synthesis) in addition to being essential for the immunity and increase endurance and muscle strength.

Muscle Xtreme is important in protein metabolism and the production of hemoglobin, which operates in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body. It assists in fat burning, helps in the production of the hormone adrenaline, and getting energy processes. It improves dilation of blood vessels, allowing higher transport of nutrients to the muscle tissue, and is also essential in the production of energy. It assists in the recovery and growth of muscle tissue cells. Muscle Xtreme is recommended for individuals who cannot eat the right amount of vitamins and nutrients in your daily diet. Thus, the power can be supplemented by such supplements.

How does the Muscle Xtreme?

If you are looking to gain lean muscle mass quickly Muscle Xtreme is the solution for you. This powerful supplement will help in getting more power through a complex hormonal activation system that encourages the production of the famous growth hormones to make the muscle mass gains a reality. There are many advantages of including Muscle Xtreme in your muscle mass gain diet and achieve faster results with this fantastic supplement.

The Muscle Xtreme works because it focuses on increasing the body’s ability to produce growth hormones. This is beneficial because instead of taking the own hormones itself (using steroids and the like) your body will naturally produce this hormone. Along with hypertrophy training your body will be set for all the stored fat is used as an energy source during workouts! Testing with Muscle Xtreme showed a 30% increase in testosterone levels. This chemical is of essential importance for muscle building and you will notice the results of muscle mass much faster.

Another great advantage of this supplement is that it allows for faster post-workout recovery, and thus will return to the gym more often and without feeling fatigue and muscle pain.

Seeking a real improvement? Muscle Xtreme is for you

Every season, comes to market a novelty for those who are always looking to maintain good form and increase muscle mass. The turn is the Muscle Xtreme. Despite having reached recently in the Brazilian market, it is already successful. It is an option for those seeking a real improvement in the results of routine exercises and also in sexual life. It is a natural supplementation option designed to increase testosterone production by the body. As you may know, the sale of testosterone is illegal in Brazil, since the use of unreliable sources of hormones can bring a lot of damage to health.

In addition, substance use synthetic testosterone base is considered doping in most sports competition, including the most important championships in bodybuilding and weightlifting, other besides various forms, through team sports (football, basketball, volleyball), individual (athletics, swimming) and combat sports (Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, MMA). Remember that depending on the mode, the punishment for doping can be extremely severe, including fines, suspension or even permanent ban from the sport competitions.

Unlike these illegal and artificial contrivances, the Muscle Xtreme acts in a completely different and natural way.

The balanced diet and Muscle Xtreme

This revolutionary supplement not only feed your body directly with hormones, but provides the raw material to produce yourself in high quantity and of safe and natural way; the hormones that will make you gain muscle and eliminate fat. It accelerates recovery after training and ensures the extra energy required to increase the number of repetitions. All ingredients are clinically tested and have no side effects harmful. The only contraindications would be use by women (for obvious reasons!), People taking medication for low pressure (because of arginine) and under 18, since at this stage the basic body structure of the individual is still in training.

The Muscle Xtreme works as a supplement for those who already follow a balanced diet and has an established workout routine.

With continued use you will:

  • Increase by 30% the production of testosterone
  • Increase libido and sexual potency
  • Eliminate cramping and post-workout muscle tension
  • Increase production of the hormone that is responsible for growth, also known as HGH, by 26%
  • Reduce fatigue and increase energy efficiency.
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Regulate metabolism (generally)

Muscle Xtreme treats muscle cramps better

Arginine is an essential amino acid which is not naturally produced by the body and must be ingested in the diet. It is responsible for several physiological functions; most notably the gas is a nitric oxide precursor, responsible for vasodilation. Hence, Muscle Xtreme is effective in the treatment of muscle cramps, post-training recovery, improvement in erectile dysfunction and the ability to assist muscle growth, as this supplement participates in protein synthesis. It improves sleep quality, reduces stress levels and is able to lower the production of cortisone, which is a determining factor in well-being feeling.

For those who train, just take 1 capsule before training and 1 capsule after training and go! And for you to be even quieter the product is approved by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) and the manufacturer is so confident in the product that guarantees your satisfaction in three months – or your money back! It is a natural supplement imported, that stimulate the secretion of growth hormone (HGH), inhibit the loss of muscle mass, increases anabolic activity (healing and muscle reconstruction), and improve the quality sleep, increase libido and pot is sexual instance and ensuring a feeling of general well-being.

Here are some previews of some users:

“The results were amazing. I was almost giving up because going to the gym for months and no result.”

“It’s frustrating when everyone around you seem to get and you do not – but with 30 days of use the difference is already visible and everyone asks me what I’m doing. If it were me would not believe. It’s really impressive. ”

Now We Talk About Difference Between Jacked Muscle Extreme And MUSCLE XTREME

Get fit, best results in training and gain lean mass is the goal of almost every person attending the fitness academies. With that in mind, daily new products come on the market for people to achieve their goals more easily. Today we introduce one of these supplements has gained more and more fans: Jacked Muscle Extreme! It is a natural supplement that provides extreme lean mass gains, and you can collect up to 14 kg mass in three months of training and supplement use. Keep reading to see its benefits, side effects, indications, composition, and more!


Physical activity and its importance to health of body and mind are known facts and practiced, it is believed, since before Christ, when Plato created the first school in honor of an Athenian hero who was named Akademia. Today, widespread and integrated into the lifestyle of many, the academies have, not only with the evolution of technology, but also of human knowledge, with the help of science. The formula Jacked Muscle Extreme was specially designed so you could increase the quality of your workouts, and thus gain more muscle in a healthy way. Its composition, it only has natural substances, so it is a non-hormonal supplement, with fewer risks to health.

This is a supplement in capsules, so you should take one capsule before and one after your workout in order to enjoy all the benefits it can offer. As the Jacked Muscle Extreme has no side effects, you can take it indefinitely, or until you reach your goals in mass. All instructions for use are described in the package.


Jacked Muscle Extreme and doping

If you want to have faster results, our recommendation is that you look for an endocrinologist, to adjust the doses. Currently, Jacked Muscle Extreme has no restrictions in relation to doping, since it is not an anabolic but a supplement. That is, it is allowed by most sports federations. But if you are a professional athlete and makes doping tests frequently, we recommend you to be part of a sports association, so that you are always informed about what substances are allowed and which are prohibited.

The L-Carnitine is another substance used by athletes to improve their performance in training, as it acts as a stimulant. It is a substance produced by the liver and kidneys and is stored in the muscles and in its synthesized form, the L-Carnitine is found in the form of long, capsules or liquid. It is important to make clear that the Jacked Muscle Extreme acts with physical exercise, so its use must be combined with regular routine activities.

Despite the use of L-carnitine by athletes, bodybuilders and people interested in losing weight, studies of the supplement are inconclusive and often contradictory, since some studies show the benefits of L-Carnitine to the body, while others eschews. However, positive results are observed with the use of the substance, particularly when combined with physical exercises. The L-CITRULLINE acts on fat deposits in the body, transporting fat cells to develop into an energy source. It can act, including, in order preventing the deposit of grease. This process is called lipid oxidation, and occurs principally during physical exercise. This substance is naturally occurring in a balanced diet, especially the consumption of protein, so vegetarians usually resort to supplementation.

The price and package

The trial for 14 days is free of charge when you subscribe to one month supply for $89.43 and $114.99 for three bottles.


  • AKG
  • HCL
  • KIC

Extreme muscle leanness

As mentioned above, the Jacked Muscle Extreme is often used in weight loss processes, with supplemental feeding function. Its action is the increased metabolic functions, as it increases physical capacity, providing more efficient training and greater caloric expenditure.

The recommendation is that the use of this supplement is accompanied by a professional such as a nutritionist or doctor so that you take the best dosages. However, in general, should be eaten between 1 and 2 capsules per day, and the best time is in the morning or before training. It is not recommended to use more than 2 capsules per day. Its use at night can interfere with sleep, as it is a source of energy. The use of this supplement is not done through cycles, so it can be used steadily or in accordance with the professional recommendation. It also does not have contraindications, but the recommendation is that in the case of serious diseases, the supplement consumption is supervised by a physician.

Benefits of Jacked Muscle Extreme

  • Increasing physical capacity
  • Metabolism acceleration
  • Emaciation
  • Gain muscle
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Low cholesterol
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Improvement of intellectual levels


The process of gaining muscle mass

Briefly, the idea is that the body, when subjected to exercises that require muscle strength, increase muscle mass, which can accompany or not fat loss. Importantly, aerobic exercises are ideal for fat loss and muscle gain is achieved by exercise and stress resistance. An ideal exercise routine combines the two types of exercises, including greater flexibility for the body in general.

The important thing when you begin to develop a physical activity is to adapt food for that particular activity. For bodybuilders and people seeking hypertrophy (high muscle mass, causing the muscular visual) is the increase in protein intake. It is also important to maintain fiber intake so that your gut has no problems with the new diet, and plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and free of toxins released during the year, plus a fraction of carbohydrates, so that there is destruction of muscle tissue for energy.

Ingredients are the nutrients of great complexity, which take longer to be dissolved in digestion and are sent directly to the muscle tissue and are used especially for the construction and increase them. The higher protein intake and strength exercises and endurance will cause your body to gain muscle mass more quickly than in an ordinary diet, where the consumption of carbohydrates (simple nutrient that becomes much faster energy and when not used ends up being turned into fat) ends up being the predominant.

Food supplements: An extra help

Some people want a little more from your workouts and opt for dietary supplements, which offer greater control in nutrients eaten daily, and are specific to meet the needs of those who are in a series of very intense exercise. It is important to check which supplement to be used, since some can be contraindications and provide little risk (some contain energy and other substances that may be harmful to heart, for example).

It is essential not to be confused with Jacked Muscle Extreme supplement; since it only helps your body get the nutrients needed for your weight gain is efficient and maintains other unbalanced hormones. There are few who ignore the fact that the practice of physical activity, whatever, depends not only on physical hours in practice effort, but great care in general you have with your body and mind in day-to -morning. And Jacked Muscle Extreme is key piece in this puzzle of many pieces that involve improving the quality of human life.

The care of the body and mind are interconnected as a cycle, for example, your muscles need the right foods to work and the athlete needs the muscles in good working order to exercise their practice efficiently. For movement in full operation, you need rhythm and brain oxygenation, or stretching practice to make muscle flexibility and hence amplitude of motion and performance gain. There is no escaping the need to stick to all even when you want to devote to specific body parts, the development of a muscle depends on the proper functioning of the entire body structure.

Ensures longer practice

We know that it is preparation to complement a diet, providing essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, fatty acids, etc. And that food supplement is divided into two categories: dietary supplements and ergogenic. Despite all the controversy surrounding this division and duality in opinion among experts, especially regarding the ergogenic supplements that, in some cases, approaches to doping some evidence is widely accepted. The main one is on the resulting performance gain of complementary feeding.

Even if the gain is not a direct benefit, as some experts believe in the case of dietary supplements, it is undeniable that this should be a sizeable gain for the athlete who seeks the supplemental feed a complement of your diet. This is because, as stated above, the health care of your body are part of a great puzzle whose pieces are directly linked.

In short, adequate intake of Jacked Muscle Extreme ensures longer practice which leads to performance gains. For example, an athlete who takes it after training is benefiting from the increased muscle protein synthesis capacity thus gaining lean muscle mass, which necessarily generates gain in strength and eventually performance.


Jacked Muscle Extreme – A dietary supplement

The Jacked Muscle Extreme is a type of dietary supplement used to, as the name says; increases the caloric intake of athletes. It is well known that for the muscle mass is greater need than consumption expenditure of calories, and that’s where the Jacked Muscle Extreme enter. It is rich in high biological value ingredients, a combination of high-glycemic carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Some also feature the addition of Omegas 3 and 6 essential fatty acids that are not produced by the body but are extremely necessary for our food. Also, it has very low amount of fat.

It can cause fattening when used wrongly. When the individual reaches the ideal weight, it is okay to stop using the high-calorie and start using this supplement for those who need to increase their body weight. For people with slow metabolism, it should not be consumed as quickly gain overweight.

It is essential for anyone who wants to increase your lean body mass but can not increase your calorie intake by more meals; since it is impractical or sometimes the athlete can not. To ectomorphs, i.e. those whose body type is characterized by low weight and difficulty to gain muscle mass – as the metabolism burns calories very fast – the calorie can be the solution at first. It can also be used by beginner individuals in the workout that has very low weight or any other athlete who has very large energy expenditure in their training, in which case the Jacked Muscle Extreme can function as energizing.

How to consume it properly?

The ideal times to take this supplement are:

  • Upon awakening - To stop catabolism, since we spent many hours without eating while we sleep.
  • Before training - About thirty minutes before, to serve as a power source.
  • After training - If you still do not consume any hydrolyzed protein, it can be taken to restore the energy and prevent catabolism.

The recommended amounts should be defined by a dietitian so that you consume only the necessary.

High impact exercise and Jacked Muscle Extreme

Jacked Muscle Extreme, as well as whey protein, helps form the kit supplements that help who will start working out or want to enhance your performance in training. Basically in the body, it is converted into glucose. It contains AKG and HCL with a molecular structure of small size and easy to digest. It has a high glycemic index, which will peak insulin is too high. This is beneficial to the athlete because this will cause absorption of protein; glutamine and branched chain amino acids such as the (BCAA) are more efficient.

You must first talk to a nutritionist, and so you will know if it is necessary in your case. When making a purchase, it’s important to do it in a reliable supplements store and check the origin of the ingredients that the product contains.

Of course, if there is no physical activity of high impact, high-calorie not offer help in muscle gains. Also, it is important to remember that the high-calorie is a supplement made to complement food, and should not be used to replace meals. If you are sure that the product you bought is of good origin, has fed and taken the doses properly, perhaps you need to invest in a heavier workout routine.